Super Mario Odyssey - Dark Side Power Moon No.6 (Invisible Road: Secret): Location Guide

Invisible Road: Secret is the sixth Power Moon that one encounters in the Dark Side. The entrance for this thing is a bit hidden so you'll have to snoop...

Invisible Road: Secret

invisible road: secret


Secret Passage at the left of the rotating platform.

How to Get

  1. Head to the second island after using the power line to get you across.
  2. Look beneath the island then, you’ll find a door with a scarecrow on it.
  3. Capture the scarecrow to open the door.
  4. You’ll deal with multiple man-eating enemies with a couple of boulders lying around. Mario can lift the boulders or at least punch it forward to move it towards the Pirahna plant. If you’re not confident with your aim, just pick it up and throw the boulder instead.
  5. The plants will spew venom which will then reveal an invisible path. Thankfully, the venom won’t affect you once it hits the floor. You might have to wait for at least 2 seconds though before it loses its effect. The mechanics of Invisible Road: Secret are similar to that of Invisible Road: Rush.
  6. After that, jump onto the moving platform which will give you two pathways. However, take the pathway where you see a door in the wall.
  7. Head for the door and you’ll find the treasure chest containing the Power Moon.

Invisible Road Map

Dark Side Power Moons

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