Super Mario Odyssey - Dark Side Power Moon No. 7 (Vanishing Road Rush): Location Guide

Vanishing Road Rush is another Dark Side challenge which you must complete in order to get another Dark Side Power Moon from Super Mario Odyssey.

Vanishing Road Rush

Vanishing Road Rush


How to Get

  1. Head to the second island after using the power line to get you across.
  2. After that, head over to the ledge that holds the third electric wire to bring you to the Blitz Tower.
  3. Instead of taking the electric wire, drop down and you’ll find a door with a scarecrow.
  4. Capture the scarecrow to open the door and begin the challenge.
  5. Once inside, hit the blue button and run as fast as you can.
  6. However, watch out for the Sherm and some of the tiles tend to drop.
  7. There will be some checkpoints which will allow you to spawn the next set of tiles, making it easier to cross.
  8. However, once you reach the third check point, you’ll find two bridges: one with Sherms and the other that’s a flimsy wooden bridge.
  9. You can either rush through the wooden bridge to dodge the others or weave throw the Sherms on the stone platform.
  10. After rushing past them, complete Vanishing Road Rush by grabbing the Dark Side Power Moon at the end.

Dark Side Kingdom Power Moons

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