Super Mario Odyssey - Hats: Database

The following consists of the Super Mario Odyssey Hats. It shows all of the obtainable Hats in Super Mario Odyssey that change Cappy's appearance.

Super Mario Odyssey Hats Database

The following consists of the Super Mario Odyssey Hats. It shows the obtainable Hats in Super Mario Odyssey. Majority of the Super Mario Odyssey Hats can be bought from the Crazy Cap Shops found in various Kingdoms. Below includes the Details and location for each hat. Note that Super Mario Odyssey Hats change Cappy whenever Mario decides to wear a different cappy hat. The Super Mario Odyssey Hats are located all over the kingdoms of the game and can be retrieved by purchasing them on available stores in the different kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey Hats

Source: Nintendo

Odyssey Hat Price Location
Official Description
Black Fedora 50 Gold Coins New Donk City, Metro Kingdom
Perfect for business, business-casual, casual, or casual business!
Blue Football Helmet   –   –
Builder Helmet  5 Purple Coins Tosterana, Sand Kingdom
 Whether you’re building or inspecting, you gotta keep your head safe.
Explorer Hat  5 Purple Coins  Fossil Falls, Cascade Kingdom
Steam Gardens, Wooden Kingdom
 Just because the territory is uncharted doesn’t mean your head should be uncovered.
Chef’s Hat   –  Mount Volbono, Luncheon Kingdom
Anyone wearing one of these makes many friends on Mount Volbono.
Clown Hat   –   –
The perfect hat for pratfalls, teeny cars, and wasting good pie.
Cowboy Hat   –   –
 A classic hat, perfectly suited for wearing as you ride into sunsets.
Employee Cap   –   –
 A Crazy Cap original! 
Golfer’s Cap   –   –
Invisible Cap   – Complete the Darker Side
Magician’s Hat   –   –
Mario Cap   –   –
 A red hat that has seen its fair share of adventures.
Mechanic Cap    –     – 
 A good hat to wear when it’s time to get down to work. 
Painter’s Cap    –  Mount Volbono, Luncheon Kingdom
 Is it even really painting when you’re not wearing one of these?
Pair of Goggles    –    –
Pirate Hat    –    –
Sombrero  5 Purple Coins  Tostarena, Sand Kingdom
 Traditional Tostarenan hat. Keeps the sun out of your eyes and just plain fun to wear.
Wedding Hat    –    –

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