Super Mario Odyssey - Lost Kingdom Power Moon No.17 (Twist ‘N’ Turn-Up Treasure): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Twist 'N' Turn-Up Treasure in Lost Kingdom and how to get it.

Twist ‘N’ Turn-Up Treasure


Obtained by activating a device under the bushy jungle entrance in Lost Kingdom.

How to Get

  1. From behind the Odyssey, go through the bushy jungle and pass the two small stump markers by the bridge.
  2. Go left and jump to the bluish purple platform (going deeper into that area allows you to get the Moon Shards in the Jungle Power Moon). Capture the Wiggler, then return to the small stump markers by the bridge.
  3. From the two small stump markers, walk on the right side of the path near the edge (be careful not to fall into the poison water).
  4. Watch out for a lower area marked by a yellow square with a keyhole symbol on it. Drop down to the area and stretch yourself to the small opening on the island wall. This will activate the yellow square and reveal the Power Moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moons

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