Super Mario Odyssey - Lost Kingdom Power Moon No.19 (The Caged Gold): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of The Caged Gold in Lost Kingdom and how to get it.

The Caged Gold


Inside one of the golden stompable steps east of the Swamp Hill flag in Lost Kingdom.

How to Get

  1. From the Swamp Hill flag, go down to the area with the four golden stompable steps near the cliff (you can also get the Inside the Rising Stone Pillar and Wrecked Rock Block Power Moons here).
  2. In the area, proceed to your right. If you ahead beyond the edge, you can see the Power Moon inside a cage in the distance. Throw your cap to the Trapeetle and position yourself towards the direction of the cage ahead. Be sure to jump at the right time so you don’t get hit.
  3. When the cage is destroyed, warp to the Rocky Mountain Summit and capture the Glydon. Then, look for the Power Moon below ( it is somewhere on the left from where the Glydon is facing). Glide to the area to get the Power Moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moons

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