Super Mario Odyssey - Metro Kingdom Power Moon No.10 (Girder Sandwich): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Girder Sandwich in Metro Kingdom and how to get it.

Girder Sandwich


Obtained between some girders on top of the building in Metro Kingdom.

How to Get

  1. From the Main Street Entrance (flag), head forward and past the park to the building with a spark pylon. Use the pylon to go up the building.
  2. Head to the right and climb some girders to another pylon. Use it to go higher up the next building.
  3. When reach the top, pass the small silo to the edge of the building where three levels of girders connect to it.
  4. It is quite tricky, but you need to drop down and grab on to the second level of girder. Then, pull yourself up and grab the Power Moon hidden there.

Metro Kingdom Power Moons

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