Super Mario Odyssey - Moon Kingdom Power Moon No. 17 (Moon Shards on the Moon): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Moon Shards on the Moon in Moon Kingdom and how to get it.

Moon Shards on the Moon

Moon Shards on the Moon



This Power Moon is located on the Wedding Chapel.

How to Get

  1. Take control of the frog, there will be various vantage points where the Moon Shards will be.
  2. The First Moon Shard is encountered before making your way to where the frog is, it is seen in the crater on the left side of the Wedding Chapel.
  3. After obtaining the frog jump on the ledge of the chapel, then to the right of it, above the bell, and lastly to the left of where the bell’s pillar is.
  4. The completed Power Moon should appear behind the Church

Moon Kingdom Power Moons

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