Super Mario Odyssey - Seaside Kingdom Power Moon No.28 (Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 2): Location Guide

This post contains a guide on where and how to get the Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 2 Power Moon in the Seaside Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.

Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 2



The Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 2 Power Moon is located in Quadrant B3, near the Glass Palace.

How to Get

  1. Warp to the Glass Palace Flag. Once there, look for the scarecrow somewhere near the shallow portion of the water.
  2. Hit the scarecrow with your cap to start the timer challenge.
  3. Use quick swim by pressing L/R then followed by X/Y to reach the Power Moon located at the West end of the course.
  4. Remember to chain the L/R and X/Y buttons to make Mario jet faster and finish the time challenge quicker.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moons

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