Super Mario Odyssey - Seaside Kingdom Power Moon No.42 (A Relaxing Dance): Location Guide

This contains a guide on where and how to get the A Relaxing Dance Power Moon in the Seaside Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.

A Relaxing Dance


The “A Relaxing Dance” Power Moon can be located on Quadrant D2.

How to Get

  1. Warp to the Ocean Trench East.
  2. You will find the giant purple creature swimming on the surface.
  3. Buy the resort outfit and hat and wear it.
  4. Warp back to the Beach House.
  5. Speak to the snail by the Beach House.
  6. Get inside the beach house and start dancing on the middle platform.
  7. You will then retrieve the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moons

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