Super Mario Odyssey - Seaside Kingdom Power Moon No. 53 (Above the Parasol: Catch!): Location Guide

The Above the Parasol: Catch! is the 53rd Power Moon in the Seaside Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey. However, this power moon only appears post-game.

Above the Parasol: Catch!

Above the Parasol: Catch!


West edge of the Beach near the Volleyball Court

How to Get

  1. Head to the Volleyball Court before making your way to the West edge of the beach.
  2. You’ll also notice on one of the ledges that there’s a rocket but don’t use that for now.
  3. Instead, make your way to the parasol where you’ll see a Power Moon floating above.
  4. Use the ledges to get a height advantage so it’s easier to jump on the parasol.
  5. Jump on the parasol and then jump for the Above the Parasol: Catch! Power Moon floating in mid-air.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moons

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