Super Mario Odyssey - Snow Kingdom Power Moon No. 07 (Behind Snowy Mountain): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Behind Snowy Mountain in Snow Kingdom and how to get it.

Behind Snowy Mountain

Behind Snowy Mountain


This Power Moon is located in the Snowy Mountains

How to Get

  1. In the main hall of Shiveria Town, take the path up on the top left to enter Snowy Mountain. Where the Broodals were.
  2. Make your way up the mountain, unplug the poles for the gust of winds and use the flower trampolines till you reach the top.
  3. When you encounter the last pole, don’t take it. Instead go to the left corner where the Snow Wall is.
  4. Follow the path and you’ll encounter the Power Moon.

Snow Kingdom Power Moons

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