Super Mario Odyssey - Snow Kingdom Power Moon No. 15 (Moon Shards in the Snow): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Moon Shards in the Snow in Snow Kingdom and how to get it.

Moon Shards in the Snow

Moon Shards in the Snow


This Power Moon is located in various spots in the Freezing Sea

How to Get

  1. You may or may not have encountered the first shard while chasing down the rabbit for Power Moon No. 10.
  2. The second shard will be located back to the west behind the column of Ice.
  3. Another of the shard will be located on top of an ice block right next to the Ice Well.
  4. Now grab a Cheep Cheep and swim towards the west to find a ring of coins with a shard at its center.
  5. The final shard is located on an ice platform just to the south of the Ice Well.

Snow Kingdom Power Moons

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