Super Mario Odyssey - Snow Kingdom Power Moon No. 33 (Secret Path to Shiveria!): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Secret Path to Shiveria! in Snow Kingdom and how to get it.

Secret Path to Shiveria!

Secret Path to Shiveria!


This Power Moon is located at randomized coordinates.

How to Get

  1. Depending if you choose Snow or Seaside Kingdoms after Metro Kingdom. If you chose Snow Kingdom First, the painting will be in Mushroom Kingdom; If you chose Snow Kingdom second the painting will be in Bowser’s Kingdom.
  2. If you chose Snow Kingdom first, the painting is in the small wooded area south of the Odyssey’s landing point, on the ground
  3. If you chose Moon Kingdom first,  you can get to the painting by travelling to the Main Courtyard Entrance checkpoint.

Snow Kingdom Power Moons

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