Super Mario Odyssey - Snow Kingdom Power Moon No. 41 (Icy Jump Challenge): Location Guide

This Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon guide shows the location of Icy Jump Challenge in Snow Kingdom and how to get it.

Icy Jump Challenge (Post-Game)

Icy Jump Challenge


This Power Moon is located in Shiveria Town. Available only after beating the game and breaking the Moon Rock.

How to Get

  1. Make your way down the ramp and enter the first door to your left.
  2. Keep going through the area till you arrive by two Ty-foos blowing at the platform.
  3. Get on it and retrieve the Power Moon.
  4. Alternatively take control of the free Ty-foo and use that to get on the center of the bridge and jump off from the Ty-foo to retrieve the Power Moon without hassle.

Snow Kingdom Power Moons

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