Super Mario Odyssey - Wooded Kingdom Power Moon No.10 (Atop the Tall Tree): Location Guide

This contains a guide on where and how to get the Atop the Tall Tree Power Moon in the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.

Atop the Tall Tree



The location of the Power Moon is in Qudrant E4, west of the Odyssey.

How to Get

  1. Go west of the Odyssey until you find a cliff near the river tunnel.
  2. Once you are on top of the cliff, capture an Uproot and proceed to the tree with platforms. The tree is located in the southeast side of the area.
  3. Porceed to the top of the tree using the Uproot you captured. You will see a nut on top of the platform. Destroy the nut and there you will see the Power Moon.

Wooded Kingdom Power Moons

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