Super Mario Odyssey - Wooded Kingdom Power Moon No.64 (Hot, Hot, Hot from the Campfire): Location Guide

This contains a guide on where and how to get the Hot, Hot, Hot from the Campfire Power Moon in the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.

Hot, Hot, Hot from the Campfire


This Power Moon is located north of Iron Road: Entrance

How to Get

  1. Warp to the Iron Road: Entrance and head north.
  2. There will be a campfire with a Luncheon Kingdom local who asks for for fire in order to cook his meal.
  3. For this, you need to capture a Fire Bro. Head to the river near the Odyssey the capture the Fire Bro in the left side.
  4. Head back to the campfire and light up the wood with Fire Bro’s ability to obtain the Power Moon.

Wooded Kingdom Power Moons

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