Super Mario Odyssey - Wooded Kingdom Power Moon No.71 (Invisible Road: Danger!): Location Guide

This contains a guide on where and how to get the Invisible Road: Danger! Power Moon in the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.

Invisible Road: Danger!


This Power Moon is located inside the moon pipe at the Flower Field Entrance.

How to Get

  1. Warp to Flower Field Entrance. Enter the moon pipe, a squarish-gray hole, in the platform.
  2. You will see a lot of goop and Piranha plants scattered inside. You must make your way to the end of the area in order to retrieve the Power Moon.
  3. There are no ways to make the path visible, though you can get a clear picture of where the roads are because of the Goop.
  4. Make way to the end of the maze while fending off the Piranha Plants.
  5. There will be three large Piranha Plants at the end of the maze. Destroy the three to acquire the Power Moon.

Wooded Kingdom Power Moons

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