The Last of Us 2 - All Artifact and Journal Entry Locations


A guide on where to find all artifacts and journal entries in The Last of Us 2 (TLOU 2). Included are the areas and locations to get the collectibles, rewards, and how to obtain the Relic of the Sages and Archivist trophies.

The Last of Us 2 - All Artifact and Journal Entry Locations

All Artifact and Journal Entry Locations

The Last of Us 2 - All Artifact and Journal Entry Locations

Artifacts are collectible items that typically provide backstory to the characters and world of The Last of Us Part 2. While most of artifacts are merely collectibles, some of them can be used. Key artifacts, in particular, grant you access to certain areas and passages during the main story.

Journal entries also shed light into the game’s story and characters but in readable form.

All Collectibles Guide


  • Finding the Strange Artifact unlocks the Relic of the Sages trophy (bronze).
  • Finding all artifacts and journal entries unlocks the Archivist trophy (gold).

Trophy List


Waking Up

Name Location
Volunteer Receipt Before you head inside Tipsy Bison bar, follow the walkway and then search the pickup truck stashed with wood.

The Overlook

Name Location
Seth’s Note After reaching the house, pass through the floorboards and defeat the enemy. Check left and go inside the second house’s window. Search for the artifact lying on the table straight ahead.


Name Location
Scenic Overlook After looking out the overlook with Dina head back with her. Follow her back to the crack in the wall but head back to the overlook again on your own to record the journal entry.
A Note to Santa After rejoining Dina and climbing on the horse’s back, listen when she notices some houses that you can explore. Head to the left and then go up and unlock the drawer to the right of the bed.
Supermarket Apology After Dina pulls you away from the Infected, go around to the back of the shop to find a door. Enter it and then search boxes in the compartment of the truck.
Good Boy Combo When you reach the market, pass through the indent. You can tell it from the others since it will have the Employee of the Month sign. Enter the right door, and check the table near the safe to find it. Browse it for a code.
Eugene’s Firefly Pendant From the library, smash the window and head to Eugene’s room. Leave the room and continue to the children’s area.
Stuffed Giraffe At the children’s section of the library. Interact with the stuffed giraffe on the right to record the entry.
Eugene’s Ultimatum Search the drawer near the bed of the children’s area.
Photo of Eugene and Tommy By the soldering iron on the desk (across the bed in the children’s library).

Packing Up

Name Location
Owl Mug On the kitchen counter of Joel’s house.
Joel’s Guitar Up the stairs in Joel’s hobby room. It is on the desk by the window.
Joel’s Watch In the red shoe box in Joel’s bedroom upstairs (on the bed).

Seattle Day 1 (Ellie)

The Gate

Name Location
Map of Seattle After arriving at the highway with Dina, listen to her instructions. Head to the trailer and look around the back for a drawer.
Refugee Note After finding a large gate with graffiti, head left to reach the trailer. Investigate the desk.
Infected Infographic Look at the back of the trailer to come across another. Search the desk here.
Isaac’s Orders Scale the wall and then drop off the opposite side. Go inside the tower and then check the left for a ladder leading to the top. Climb it to find the artifact.
Checkpoint Gate Codes Go downstairs to the bottom floor and then smash the glass to enter the trailer. Search the drawer beside the keyboard.
Rooftop Note Move around to the back of the trailer to come across the generator. Grab the cable and then aim so that it reaches the other side of the gate. Go through the trailer and use the cable to pull yourself up. When you reach the roof, check the chair.


Name Location
FEDRA Census Document After getting off of your horse and finding the Serevena Hotel, check the guard post’s drawer.
Cache Hunter Note Follow the path between Colombia and Cherry Street to reach a dilapidated building. Head inside and search for a bag.
Bank Heist Plans From the building you need to find a way across. Start at the block, head south until you reach the intersection of Cherry and James. Pass through the opening of the bank until you reach the safety deposit boxes. Look around for a bag lying on the floor.
Bank Robber Letter Continue left and then use the code 60-23-06 on the vault. Examine the table.
Antique Ring Keep going and this time go around to the back and search the right edge. Open the locker.
Letter from Isaac Head to the intersection between Colombia and Cherry. Look around for a tank and from there go left and search the remains.
Emergency Protocols Memo Head to the intersection of Marion and Colombia to reach the sacred building. After you go inside the gate, make a right and use the ladder. Search the first post for a drawer.
Rabbi Saunders’ Letter Inside the synagogue, take the rope and swing over to balcony. Head to the open door and search the drawer.
Jewish Calendar In the same room as Rabbi Saunders’ Letter. Check the calendar on the wall behind the desk to record an entry.
Note to Informant Look at the map and head to the center to find “fascists” plastered nearby. Search the truck’s compartment.
WLF Community Supply Note Head along Madison Street. Find a way to the back of the grey building and head up the stairs and search for a bag.
WLF Safe House Supply Note Check the map for then head north to find Ruston Coffee on 5th avenue. Break the glass to infiltrate the site and then head to the shop and search the counter.
Pet Store Key In the back room toilet of Ruston Coffee (on the baby changing station).
Join WLF Note After unlocking the pet store with the key, you need to head north from Marion Street. Go up the stairs to find a room and check your left.
Street Drawing In the middle of Madison and Marion Street, go up the checkpoint gate. Near the supply tent is a guard post that you can search.
Street Drawing (Journal) Recorded after you are prompted to make your own drawing.
Plea to a Friend In the courthouse, pass through the pitch black path (level 1) until you reach a dead end. Search the  corpses to find it..
WLF Agitators Continue to the left and break the windows. Head inside the room and then search the cabinet around back.
Lt. Torres’ Final Memorandum From the corpse where you found Plea to a Friend, look to your left to find an office. Break the window to get in and get the artifact from the corpse hacked with the machete.
List of Known WLF Agitators In the same room as Lt. Torres’ Final Memorandum, check the filing cabinet on the left.
WLF Recruiter Journal After finding the fuel and opening the lock, head upstairs and then enter the bedroom. Continue to reach another bedroom and then check below the television.

Eastbrook Elementary

Name Location
Leah’s Note, Leah’s Photograph Obtained after the cutscene
Isaac’s Mandate Defeat the enemies on the roof and then return to the room. Check the table beside the radio.

Capitol Hill

Name Location
Chevy’s Apology After you leave the apartment, make a right and head straight to the street. Follow the alley and then through the right door. Climb the stairs and then defeat the runner. Go to the bedroom with green wallpaper and then check the bed.
Raul’s Olive Branch From the motel, check the right side for some cream apartments. Drag the dumpster near the door hanging open and then pull up to get inside. Check the kitchen drawer.
Rebecca’s Tip Off From the gas station, search the other side for a backdoor. Go inside, and at the far end head left and then check the counter.
Tower Doodles After encountering explosive traps around the Infected, stop before using the slide and then make a right. Head up the ladder and search the box.
Raul’s Account After sliding down, you’ll find a large mural. Make a right from there and then get on board the compartment and start searching.
Fran’s Refusal When you reach the street with explosives, enter the store and follow the corridor to the kitchen. Search the corkboard.
Thrift Store Reminder Return outside and then cross the street to enter a shop. Go around back to find another corkboard to your right.

Channel 13

Name Location
Dad’s Pep Talk News station. After you reach the top, search the floor where you encounter Leah. Enter the left room and then search the couch.

The Tunnels

Name Location
Subway Note After coming across an area with both Infected and WLF, you’ll find some rooms with flares. When the coast is clear, head to the last carriage. Once you reach the tip, check behind you for a railing.
Whittled Statue Continue along until you find a door. Enter it to reach the tunnel and then look for a blue “Lounge” door. Go inside and then do a 180 to find the artifact.
Soda Can Note Move to the far end corner and inspect the red vending machine. Break the glass.
Locker Room Note While on the same room as above, make a right and search the table.
Subway Station Note Before you finish this section, you’ll come across the metro station. Pass through the train and then scale on top of the vending machine on the side. Check the right for a car and then head inside. Inspect the door on the right.

The Theater

Name Location
Program for Cassandra Appears on 1F. Search the left side of the counter.
Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #1 Continue and head upstairs. Make a left and then check the table.
Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #2 Continue and then check behind you for a door close to the bar. Head to the Projector Room door on your left and then examine the radio.
The Sick Habit Flyer/ Set List When you’re done searching the upper floor, return to the auditorium and check the box lying on the stage.

The Birthday Gift

Name Location
Suicide Note After being parted in the natural history section, you’ll reach a large exhibit showcasing wolves and a stag. Check the left for rooms. Keep going to reach a crack on the wall. Squeeze through to find the butterfly exhibit. Look around the floor.

Seattle Day 2 (Ellie)


Name Location
Join WLF Note Found in the Majestic Laundromat on 3F. Shatter the glass and then go all the way to the back and check the desk.
Boris’ Daughter Drawing Found on 2F. To the right is Rosemont, you need to jump down the hole behind the cash register and then check the left of the workbench for a small table.
Need A Plan Occurs after Ellie finds the truck leaving. When she reaches the ground below, search the left and squeeze through the gap between the bushes. Go on top of the dumpster to reach the stall and then smash the glass to break in. Search the counter in the middle.
The Yolanda’s Note Return to the main street and then head to the shop on the left of Ruston’s. Search the counter.
Condolence Note Later on, you’ll find a dumpster which leads to the garage. Scale and then move to the nearby building. Search the right side room and then examine the desk.
Note in the Hillcrest Tattoo Parlour After leaving the building, you’ll find a street lined with shops. Take out the enemies here and then go inside Velvet Tattoo. Jump over the counter and then head around back.
Turn in Boris Continue and then enter Pet Boutique. Break the windows at the back to reach the washing area. Search beside the sink.
Dale’s Combo Continue and return to the main store and go through the damaged wall. You’ll reach the dining area. Head to the kitchen at the back and then go left.
Boris Confession Inside one of the houses, you’ll come across some smoke. Head to the garden and then check the coffee table in the living room.
Rosemont’s Flyer Continue searching the house for a small table on the left. You should spot it when you move from the living room to the kitchen.

Finding Strings

Name Location
Woods Approach the ledge overlooking the mountains.
Tara to Ruby Letter After finding your way to the area filled with spores, you’ll drop down to the bedroom. Go through the gap and then go out through the left door. Make a left and go inside the room (107). Search the closet.

The Seraphites

Name Location
WLF Target List When you reach the street, go left and head inside Kingsgate Brewing Co. Dispose of the enemies and then loot the file that was dropped.
The Last Letter to Husband Head to the opposite side (right) and then enter the Conference Center. Go to the back and enter the elevator shaft. Use the ladder to reach the floor above. Approach the rope and smash the glass on your left. Hurl the rope past the metal beams to fasten it. Leap over to it and then cross the balcony to reach another room. Search between the couches.
The Evacuation Letter Head past the underpass and then climb up to the apartments using the truck. After reaching 2F, leap across the balcony. Break the glass and then head inside then go around back to the bedroom. Look for the artifact on the kitchen table.
WLF Deserter Letter Leave the room and enter the room on the other side. Use the workbench and enemies will come out and cause a room to open. Head to the unlocked area and examine beside the television.
Sunset As you continue toward the hospital after leaving the apartments, stop by when Ellie points out the next destination.
Dying Husband’s Plea Appears in Garden Suites 113. From 201, go through the window and then head upstairs. Shatter the window and look for the artifact beside the corpse.
Dead Scar Examine the corpse next to the lamppost by the woods.
Pharmacy Note After the battle with the enemy wielding an axe, head up until you reach Weston’s Pharmacy. Look at the back of the counter below the cash register.
Hospital Supply List Appears in the hospital where you’ll encounter Nora. When the coast is clear, head upstairs to 2F. Enter the closest door to your right and search the counter.

Seattle Day 3 (Ellie)

Road to the Aquarium

Name Location
Garage Note After diving with Jesse, you’ll reach a garage and encounter infected on your left. Head around back of the garage and use the car to pull up to the incline. Look for the artifact on the corner of the incline.
Bookstore Note After jumping down into the pitch black bookstore, search the table on the rightmost edge of the room.
Textile Note Clear the enemies on the open space and then head up to 2F. Check the spot in the middle of the two windows.

The Flooded City

Name Location
Stash Note After finding the locked gate, don’t open it yet. Make a left, head upstairs and then go left. Search the corpse.
Shambler Note After Ellie’s boat stops, look for Carthy Hotel. Enter the building and then inspect the side of the corpse.
Sniper’s Note Continuing from the previous artifact, head straight to encounter enemies. Return to the boat and then head left. Dock your boat near the land and then head up the train and use the rope to create a path. Cross it to reach carriage and then jump off through the hatch. Search the passenger’s seat.
Encampment Note Continuing from the previous area, defeat all the enemies. Head up the stairs to the left. When you reach the uppermost floor, make a left and then smash the glass. Search the left side.
Arcade Flyer After reaching the arcade, check the table behind the seats on 1F.
Arcade Note After disposing of the infected in the room where the floor crumbles, search behind to reach the prize zone. Drop down the hatch and then head upstairs. Make a right to reach the PC Cafe. Check the wall to your left.


Name Location
Owen Moore Firefly Pendant Leave the operating room by going out the door near the whiteboard. Look for a duffel bag there to find the pendant and record the entry.

The Park

Tracking Lesson

Name Location
Thank You Card from Mel In your inventory.
Owen’s Drawing of Abby In your inventory.
Zoo Lights Festival Flyer At the gazebo when you arrive at the bathhouse

Seattle Day 1 (Abby)

On Foot

Name Location
WLF Gun Cache Note After reaching the rooftop and 1F, break the windows and search the trailer on the left. Check the door.

The Forward Base

Name Location
WLF Interrogator When you reach the building after talking to Nora, search beside the box below the picture frame.

Hostile Territory

Name Location
Scar’s Suicide Note After parting with Manny, go forward toward Tang Fabric & Imports. Just before the stairs, make a left and go in through the window. Examine the Scar.
Jasmine Bakery Safe Go inside Ruby Dragon restaurant and go up the stairs in the back. Defeat the clickers and go to the balcony. Jump to the other side of the street and go in the room to your left to find the letter.
Plea to a Seraphite Use the stairs to go up and across the balcony again. Use the next set of stairs on the right to reach the rooftop. Examine the corpse there.
Prophet Van Prayers Examine the 5 prayers on the left and right of the prophet van’s back door and one inside (six overall).
WLF Soldier Meets Prophet Go inside the store on the right from the prophet van. Get the letter from the counter on the left.
Letter from Seraphite Father to Son Table at the small campsite.

The Forest

Name Location
Failed Truce Near the vending machine at the auto repair shop. On the folding table near the door.

The Coast

Name Location
Infirmary Note Go inside the wrecked ship after coming from the ocean. Make a right and go in the room to your right to find the letter next to a corpse on the stretcher.
Mutiny Note Go to the second floor through the “Passenger Assembly Area.” Proceed along the hallway and kill the Infected there. The artifact is at the end of the hallway under the WTA logo on the wall.
Ferry Log Go through the hole on the ship’s deck and come out on the other side. Defeat the Infected there and go inside the cabin. Get the artifact there near the captain’s corpse.

Seattle Day 2 (Abby)

The Shortcut

Name Location
Amputation Supplies In you inventory.
Survivor Plea Head to the other side of the river from Franklin’s Barber shop. Go inside the hole in the wall to get into the building and go up the stairs. The artifact is on your right as you come to the second floor.
Neighbor Exchange Jump across to the balcony on your left from the bridge. Go inside the apartment by breaking the glass (there is a D&D tabletop game on the table). Go through the kitchen and get the artifact on the table near the whiteboard.
Scavenging List In the Interbay cell phone shop. Go inside to find the artifact near the corpse there.
Serpahite Truce Go to the ruined office building by walking across the wooden bridge. Use the wreckage to climb up to the upper floor and to the room with computers. Check the desk there to find the artifact.
Seraphite Orders From the elevator, move towards the door frame past the chest with a lamp. Examine the door frame to get the artifact.

The Descent

Name Location
Gym Safe Combo Head to Orchards. Walk to the back and to the kitchen. Get the artifact on the bulletin board.
FEDRA Orders From the corpse in front of the exit door at the 21st floor.
FEDRA Final Note Make a right after going down the firehouse. Go inside the room and check the corpse there.

Ground Zero

Name Location
Annex Letter Go through the oncology center and take the exit on the left (after splitting with Nora). Go along the corridor and make a right at the “The True Important of Medicine Management” post. Go under the barricade to enter the room there. Check the corpse to get the artifact.
Soldier’s Letter After getting the last artifact, take the stairs down two floors. The artifact is in a bag next to a corpse.
Chapel Note From the last artifact, go inside the chapel behind you. Take the artifact from the altar
Patient’s Note Go past the ambulance drop off tarp. Go to the patient’s room by breaking the glass and check the end of the bed to find the artifact.
Doctor’s Note Make a right when you see “Recovery” on the green tarp. Go inside the room with the “Warning” sign and get the artifact from the counter on your right.

Seattle Day 3 (Abby)

The Marina

Name Location
Marina Note Inside Big Fat Crab Shack.

The Island

Name Location
WLF Scout Journal Make a right from the ladder and approach the hanging corpse. Check the other body on the ground to get the artifact.
Venison Distribution Check the deer hanging inside the first wooden house upon arriving at the first settlement.
Young Seraphite’s Journal Inside the first house on the hill to the left (by the entrance).
Mournful Prayer Note In the house with the prophet shrine. The artifact is pinned on the wall on the right.

Santa Barbara

2425 Constance

Name Location
Suicide Note Go in through the window of the house to the left of the vandalized RV. Walk to the center of the house and check the bathroom for a corpse that has the artifact.

Pushing Inland

Name Location
Abby’s Note On the counter next to the stove.
Mansion Note After encountering Infected, head for the house with the red shingle roofing and U-move trailer in front of it. The artifact is in the garage in the left corner of the area.
Runaway Warning On the table in the kitchen.
Overlook After going out of the house, approach the railing overlooking shore.

The Resort


Name Location
Rattler Check the Rattler tag on the van after the first encounter with Rattlers.
Santa Barbara Slave Note To the left of pallets with barrels stacked on them. After getting off the train, go left and go past the PTS graffiti.
Rattler’s Letter Go up the winding stairs to the second floor of the round building. Look to the right and check the table next to some white sheets to find the artifact.

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