The Last of Us 2 - All Workbench Locations

A guide on how to find workbenches in The Last of Us 2 (TLOU 2). Included are each workbench's location and how to obtain the In the Field and Prepared for the Worst trophies.

The Last of Us 2 – All Workbench Locations

All Workbench Locations

The Last of Us 2 - All Workbench Locations

Workbenches allow you to craft and install weapon upgrades using scavenged parts. These stations can be found in various areas of the game world.

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  • Finding 12 workbenches unlocks the In the Field trophy (silver).
  • Finding all workbenches unlocks the Prepared for the Worst trophy (gold).

Trophy List


No. Location
1 In the hallway at Eugene’s hideout after leaving the supermarket.


No. Location
2 From the corner of 5th Avenue and Madison street, look for a crashed truck. Position yourself facing its chassis and turn around. Climb the ledges ahead to find a tent housing the workbench.

Capitol Hill

No. Location
3 Inside the garage at the gas station. Go under the shutters to enter the garage.
4 Inside the room in the area rigged with trip wires. Before climbing up the van to the next area, break the window on the right to find the workbench inside.


No. Location
5 At the underground station. After dealing with the WLF soldiers and Clickers, push the train carriages as you go along. You will find a corpse burned by acid. When you are prompted to throw the rope ahead, go through the door to you right to find the workbench.


No. Location
6 Inside the clothes store to the right of the row of shops. Go behind the checkout counter and into the hole in the wall. Follow it to the basement to find the workbench.
7 After climbing up the dumpster to the top of the garage (after encountering the sniffer dog), go inside the hole in the wall to find the workbench.

The Seraphites

No. Location
8 Push through the shop going to the street and proceed ahead until you see an apartment block on the left. Go up the first floor and enter the apartment on your right to find the workbench. Note that you will be ambushed by WLF soldiers here.
9 After dealing with the Seraphite member wielding a hammer, go left to the pharmacy. From there, go through the hole in the wall on the left section to find the workbench.

Road to the Aquarium

No. Location
10 When going with Jesse, approach the doorway sealed off by the debris before moving the shelving to the side. Crawl under the debris to find the workbench on the left.
11 After swimming under the bus, go up to the hole in the wall and climb up to reach a corridor. Follow it to find the workbench.

Flooded City

No. Location
12 While on the boat, go past the first gate and look for an entrance to an area on the left to find the workbench.
13 In the bar-arcade where you must go through another shutter. Go to the first floor and to the corner of the area at the top of the stairs to find the workbench.

On Foot

No. Location
14 Below the first floor of the boat workshop.

The Forward Base

No. Location
15 Inside one of the soldier dining tents.

Hostile Territory

No. Location
16 At the small campsite past the Seraphites in the two buildings leaning on each other.

The Forest

No. Location
17 In the auto repair shop after defeating the Seraphite and getting your backpack again.

The Coast

No. Location
18 In the next building after parting with Lev and Yara.

The Shortcut

No. Location
19 Inside the electronics store. Go left as you enter and past the displayed products.
20 Inside the room to the right of the mural after climbing up the ladder (when you have dealt with the Seraphites).

Ground Zero

No. Location
21 As you search for the generator to get access to the hospital, you will need to go through a hole in the wall. You will find the workbench after dropping down to the other side and going to the room to your left.

The Village

No. Location
22 Inside the first house on the hill to the left (just after two Seraphites run past you and Yara).

The Escape

No. Location
23 Inside the radio tower immediately after going in through the window with Lev.

Pushing Inland

No. Location
24 In the kitchen of the house with a Clicker on the roof. Note that there are other Infected in the area when you go downstairs.

The Resort

No. Location
25 In the building behind two guards torturing an Infected at the Rattler compound.

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