The Last of Us 2 - What We Know So Far

Amidst the grandeur of the The Last of Us Part II's environments, we also learn of the perils and darkest secrets hidden for the characters. Here, we explore on what's in store for the upcoming game.

What We Know So Far

Sony’s State of Play had us immersed with the story coupled with the breathtaking environments for The Last of Us 2. Here, we go over them one by one.

Ellie reunites with Joel

Ellie didn’t get along with Joel easily when Marlene introduced her to him. The two often had conflicting interests throughout the first game. However, overtime they became partners which was almost like a father and daughter relationship. It’s no surprise that the bond that the two had shared became an outlet for discovering and developing Ellie’s potential with playing the guitar and swimming.

Years later, Ellie turned 19. The guitar lessons became evident in the early trailers, showcasing Ellie’s talent. Meanwhile, the swimming lessons became vital for Ellie to navigate across the water alone. Towards the end of the trailer, someone snuck up from behind Ellie and the scene revealed it to be Joel. That being said, Joel did decide to lend his hand to support Ellie once again in their  new journey.

Two factions at war

When Ellie sets off on her journey, she not only puts herself in danger of finding more of the infected but also passes through a warzone. One of these is the Washington Liberation Front (WLF), an organization that intends to take over Seattle. The WLF started as a militia group that resisted and ultimately overthrew the military. Trespassing on WLF territory is extremely dangerous since they kill on sight.

The other faction that plans to gain control of Seattle is a zealous cult known as the Seraphites. Members of the cult can be identified by the self-inflicted cuts on their faces. While also territorial, the Seraphites distinguish themselves from the WLF by making use of stealth and camouflage using bows and foliage respectively.

Ellie knows someone from WLF

In Ellie’s journey for justice, she’ll eventually come across these armed and territorial members. After finding a way around the WLF camp, Ellie held an unaware girl hostage to force her to talk about another member’s whereabouts. The clue leads her to a hospital that’s under the control of WLF. She finds her way in and discovers a ventilation shaft which connects to the woman’s room. The woman’s name is Nora and surprisingly Ellie knows her.

Ellie attacks an unnamed woman

There are many scenes shown in the State of Play trailer. One of these involved a close up of Ellie talking to an unnamed woman. The scene appeared in first person view, with only Ellie being shown since the unnamed woman shares our perspective. The woman spills the beans saying that she regrets to not have killed Ellie when she had the chance. In a fit of rage, Ellie struck her and the scene fades.

The release date for The Last of Us 2 is fast approaching, and the game will hit the Playstation 4 shelves on June 19, 2020.

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