The Last of Us 2 - Game Difficulty

A guide on the different game difficulty modes in The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2 - Game Difficulty

Game Difficulty Modes

Difficulty Details
Very Light Recommended for those who want to enjoy the story.
Light Recommended for beginners or those not familiar with survival horror games. Items such as ammo, weapons, healing items, and crafting materials can be found easily throughout the game. Enemies are also very easy to kill.
Moderate Recommended for casual players or those who want to experience the game’s default difficulty. Items can be found fairly easily, though not as common as when playing on Easy difficulty. Enemies pose a moderate challenge to kill.
Hard Recommended for experienced players or those who are familiar with survival horror games. Items in the game world are scarce. Enemies are also more aggressive, deal more damage, and behave more intelligently.
Survivor* Recommended for players looking for a real challenge. Survivor is the hardest difficulty, featuring even fewer items to come across and tougher enemy encounters. Game hints, prompts, and Listen mode are disabled. Items also do not shine where they are placed, making them easier to miss.

*Unlocked after clearing the game once on any difficulty.

Post-Game Unlockables

Other Difficulty Adjustments

Aside from the overall difficulty, the game also added new difficulty adjustments for certain aspects of the game. They include:

  • Player
  • Enemies
  • Allies
  • Stealth
  • Resources

Which game difficulty should you choose?

The Last of Us 2 - Game Difficulty

It is recommended to begin your first playthrough on Moderate difficulty to experience the game in its default setting. This will allow you to get a good feel of the standard exploration and combat while going through the story for the first time.

If you simply wish to enjoy the story and cutscenes, it is recommended to play on Very Light difficulty.

Grounded Difficulty

Grounded difficulty was the hardest difficulty setting in the previous game and provided the toughest challenge even on the early stages of the main story. While not available on launch in The Last of Us Part 2, Grounded difficulty will likely be added in an update in the future.

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