The Last of Us 2 - Semi-Auto Pistol Weapon Stats

Guide on semi-auto pistol stats and best upgrades in The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2

Semi-Auto Pistol

Short-range handgun with high fire rate and moderate accuracy.
Weapon List


Location Starting weapon
Firepower ★☆☆
Fire Rate ★★★
Range ★★☆
Accuracy ★★☆
Round Acquisition ★★★ (fairly common)
Silencer Compatibility Yes
Usage ★★★ (After getting familiar with the silencer, you can opt to have it as your main weapon).

List of Upgrades

Name Detail Priority
Stability Replace the pistol grip to decrease weapon sway. ★★★★
Recoil Attach a compensator to decrease weapon recoil. ★★★
Capacity Craft an extended magazine to hold more rounds. ★★
Fire Rate Replace the hammer spring to increase fire rate

Stability comes first since it mitigates the weapon’s poor starting accuracy. Pair stability with recoil upgrades so that you can line up more shots without having to waste precious rounds. Capacity can come later when you have spare upgrades to have more rounds to spend for each encounter.

Crafting and Upgrade

Upgrade Effect Cost
Fire Rate +45% Fire Rate 40
Stability +35% Stability 50
Recoil +25% Accuracy
-35% Recoil
Capacity +4 Magazine Capacity 50

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