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Character information for Ellie, the protagonist in The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2


Ellie is the heroine of The Last of Us 2. She is the daughter of Anna and an unnamed man. Her mother worked as a nurse and was a great friend of the captain of the Fireflies, Marlene. Some time after giving birth to Ellie, Anna passed away. With Anna’s absence, Ellie was under the care of Marlene. When the outbreak worsened, Marlene took her to Joel. Over time, they started to get along and became partners in surviving the post pandemic world.

Years later, Ellie grew and changed her hairstyle to be much shorter and bore a tattoo. After receiving a guitar from Joel, Ellie learned how to play. She also learned many new survival skills like crafting arrows, using enemies as cover, and wielding far stronger weapons like hammers.

A tragic event struck the once peaceful settlement where Ellie resides. Being unable to continue with her peaceful life within the community, Ellie set foot on a journey to track down the mastermind behind the chaos.

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