The Last of Us 2 - All Coin Locations

A guide on where to find all coins in The Last of Us 2 (TLOU 2). Included are the areas and locations to get the collectible, rewards, and how to obtain the Mint Condition and Numismatist trophies.

The Last of Us 2 - All Coins Locations

All Coin Locations

The Last of Us 2 - All Coin Locations

Coins are collectible items scattered around the game world. Below is a list of all coin locations per chapter of the main story.

All Collectibles Guide


  • Finding 5 coins unlocks the Mint Condition trophy (bronze).
  • Finding all coins unlocks the Numismatist trophy (gold).

Trophy List

The Park

Tracking Lesson

No. How to Obtain
1 (Virginia) Obtained when you move the dumpster outside the zoo bathroom.

The Stadium

No. How to Obtain
2 (Alaska) After getting the backpack, go outside. Turn to the left find the coin on the ground near some firewood.
3 (Maine) Walk down the stairs to find a laundry area. The coin is on a bench on the landing to your right.
4 (New Jersey) On the ground near the mural of a wolf and some soldiers after going in the tunnel.
5 (Vermont) In the cabinet next to the truck you must board on the left section of the loading dock.

On Foot

No. How to Obtain
6 (Kentucky) On the black card table in the right section of the home improvement store.
7 (Massachusetts) Near the cash register in the outdoor garden section of the home improvement store.
8 (Ohio) On a card table at the boat repair shop. Use the ladder and position it against the wall where you got it to get up to the area above to find the coin.
9 (Indiana) On a desk inside the trailer after you come down from the roof of the boat repair shop. Use a bottle or brick to break the trailer’s window to get inside.

The Forward Base

No. How to Obtain
10 (California) By the railing behind the guy wearing a beanie. Go up the ramp and around to find the coin.
11 (New Mexico) On a green box near the portable toilets. After passing through the chekckpoint, make a left and go around the soldiers on your left (by the tent).
12 (South Carolina) Table on the left section of the soldier outpost building (near the two soldier’s playing cards).

Hostile Territory

No. How to Obtain
13 (North Dakota) Past the dress shop is an RV that you can climb up to to reach a window on the second level. The coin is in a drawer inside the room through the window (near the fan).

The Coast

No. How to Obtain
14 (Alabama) Next to the corpse found near the railing. Climb up the ruined bridge and continue forward to find the body.
15 (West Virginia) On a suitcase with a teddy bear on the ship. Go up the stairs on the right of the hallway after getting the crossbow. Take out the infected enemies as you go and go right when you get to the top of the stairs to reach another hallway. Follow it to the next area and go right again to find the suitcase just ahead.
16 (Utah) After climbing up and out of the hatch on the control deck, turn around to find the coin next to a crate.
17 (Mississippi) In the water of the dolphin fountain after exiting the aquarium.

Seattle Day 2

The Shortcut

No. How to Obtain
18 (Nevada) By the cash register in the Franklin’s Barber Shop. Go behind the counter to find it.
19 (Colorado) In the eyeglass shop. Head toward the broken window on the right section of the area and walk on to the steel awning to find it.

The Descent

No. How to Obtain
20 (Illinois) On the pool drain cover at the swimming pool. Dive into the pool to find it.
21 (Oregon) On the shelf past the door of room 1107. As you are coming down the ruined frame of the building, you will come to an area with a massive fungi and infected near double doors. Jump down and turn around to find room 1107.
22 (Wisconsin) Inside the vending machine past the elevator shaft. Break the glass to make the coin drop in the coin return slot.
23 (Rhode Island) On the shelf under the bar table of the rooftop bar. It is the bar table near where you first came through.
24 (Missouri) Specialty Care Center. Go inside by slipping through the broken window. The coin is on the ground on the far section of the area.

Ground Zero

No. How to Obtain
25 (Washington) Next to the cash register on the coffee counter to the left as you move through the hospital. Go behind the counter to find the coin.
26 (Hawaii) In the parking attendant’s booth to the left of the military truck at the parking garage. Break the glass to find it on the counter.

Seattle Day 3

The Marina

No. How to Obtain
27 (Kansas) Near the edge of the rails after going up the stairs to the circular platform.
28 (Louisiana) Behind the tram station ramp. Walk to the right to get around the ramp. The coin is near some tires under a blue tarp hanging above.

The Island

No. How to Obtain
29 (Idaho) Inside the cargo of the white truck after climbing up the ladder to the freeway.
30 (North Carolina) Next to a white car by a tree on the way to the waterfall (after the alarm goes off).
31 (Montana) When you come up to the section where children are being evacuated, go to the building on the left. Climb up to the upper level by using the ladder behind the building. Afterwards, head to the overlook to find the coin by some bags of grain near the ledge.

The Escape

No. How to Obtain
31 (Arkansas) On the ground behind a cart of trash. When you exit the building, you will see a big truck owned by the brewing company. From there, walk to the left to find the cart and the coin behind it.

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