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Information on the Washington Liberation Front in The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2

Washington Liberation Front

The Washington Liberation Front (WLF) or Wolves, is a militia organization in Seattle. The group wages war against the Seraphites over the area. Formerly a Quarantine Zone, the WLF has been in existence for 15 years after it took over the military. Over time, members of the WLF developed an unbreakable bond towards their fellows and grew hostile to those who live outside the camp’s borders.

Members of the WLF domesticated dogs similar to the military. That being said, a member can occasionally be seen accompanied by a guard dog while patrolling the camp’s perimeters. The WLF have proven their strength in combat since multiple trespassers who attempted to seize control of the camp have failed and died. Due to their tactical prowess, the WLF has surpassed the Seraphites in the number of territory under their control.

Known members

Below is a list of the organization’s members.

  • Abby
  • Nora
  • Owen
  • Manny
  • Mel


The Last of Us 2 - How to Defeat WLF

Below are tips on how to defeat members of the WLF.

If you toggle Listen Mode, you can make use of the skill to check your scent trail. While the scent trail won’t show up for surrounding WLF members, you still have to worry about guard dogs. That being said, use nearby objects like bottles to cause a disturbance and then flank them with the revolver.

When up close, you can opt to go for head shots or knock them down by firing shots to the leg. Finally, use melee to finish them off.

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