The Last of Us 2 - Revolver Weapon Stats

Guide on revolver stats and best upgrades in The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2


Mid-range revolver with moderate damage and slow reload speed.
Weapon List


Location Found in the red box of Chapter: Packing Up.
Firepower ★★☆
Fire Rate ★★☆
Range ★★☆
Accuracy ★★★
Round Acquisition ★★☆ (uncommon)
Silencer Compatibility No
Usage ★★★ (Reliable weapon alongside the handgun).

List of Upgrades

Name Detail Priority
Stability Replace the revolver grip to reduce recoil and decrease weapon sway ★★★★
Damage Replace the barrel to fire more powerful shots ★★★
Reload Speed Use a speed loader to load rounds all at once instead of individually ★★
Fire Rate Replace the hammer spring to increase firing rate.

Focus on upgrading stability to make head shots much easier to pull off. Complement stability with damage to score those big hits. If you have any leftovers, allocate them to reload speed.

Crafting and Upgrade

Upgrade Effect Cost
Fire Rate +35% Fire Rate 30
Stability -25% Recoil
+35% Stability
Reload Speed +85% Reload Speed 50
Damage +40% Damage
+25% Accuracy

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