The Last of Us 2 - Item List

All obtainable items in The Last of Us 2, including consumables, explosives, skill manuals, resources, and key items.

The Last of Us 2 - Item List

Item List

Crafting List

Healing Items

Name Effect
Health KitHealth Kit Restores a large amount of health.


Name Effect
MolotovMolotov Explodes on impact, and fire lingers in the area.
Smoke BombSmoke Bomb Stuns enemies on impact in a small area and generates a concealing cloud of smoke.
Trap MineTrap Mine Deploys in place and detonates on enemy proximity.
Stun BombStun Bomb Stuns enemies in a small area on impact.


Name Effect
Pistol Ammo Standard ammo for the pistol.
Shotgun Ammo Standard ammo for the shotgun.
Rifle Ammo Standard ammo for the rifle.
ArrowsArrow Standard ammo for the bow. Silently kills enemies.
Explosive ArrowExplosive Arrow Detonates on impact dealing massive damage in a large blast radius.

Weapon Attachments and Upgrades

Name Effect
SilencerSilencer Silences the pistol. Breaks after 3 shots.
Melee UpgradeMelee Upgrade Restores melee weapon to full durability and increases its damage.

Training Manuals

Name Effect
Crafting Training Manual Unlocks new crafting recipes and upgrades.
Outdoor Sportsman Unlocks Precision skill tree.

All Training Manual Locations


Name Effect
The Last of Us 2 - SupplementsSupplements Used for acquiring skills.
The Last of Us 2 - PartsParts Used for crafting and installing weapon upgrades at the workbench.
All Skill Supplement Locations All Weapon Part Locations

Key Items

Name Effect
Ellie’s Backpack Used for carrying items and weapons.

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