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Enemy information for Runners in The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2

The Infected

The spread of the Cordyceps Brain Infection wiped out more than half of the human population in the United States in the year 2033. The outbreak was catastrophic and caused horrific mutations of ordinary citizens into creatures called the Infected. Hosts are known to carry a mutated strain of the Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis.


Earliest signs manifest on the head, specifically the eyes which impair the victim’s eyesight. There are many types of the infected which can range from the lowly Runners to the relentless Shamblers.


The lowest form of transformation among the infected. When the infection is at the early stages, the eyes of the host deteriorate which gives Runners their distinctly poor eyesight. They retain many features that they used to have while living as humans like appearance and the way they sound. These enemies have shiny orange eyes and tend to keep a hunched stance when idle. Runners react to sound and only turn hostile when provoked or approached. Runners often come in swarms and charge while flailing their arms when angered. Here, the Runners are back and more aggressive than before.

How to defeat the Runner


The second stage of the Cordyceps infection. The stalker serves as the middle ground between runners and clickers. They have an unique frog like sound which can warn passersby of their presence. They have mutated faces and lack an eye. When undetected, stalkers plan their attack on an unsuspecting victim due to their agility. Like runners, stalkers can also charge at enemies when provoked.

How to defeat the Stalker


The third stage of the Cordyceps infection. The name comes from the clicking sound that they produce when patrolling areas. Clickers gained superhuman strength which makes them more dangerous than the other variants. Echolocation or the sound that clickers make gives them a way to traverse from one area to the next. Like the other infected, Clickers may also stay idle at times. However, when it detects an enemy, it goes on a rampage and viciously darts to the nearest source of the sound to maul whichever it clings to.

How to defeat the Clicker


New infected variants that share features with Bloaters. Shamblers are covered with pus and they boast durability and strength. They leave behind corrosive clouds which linger on the field. When exposed to the cloud of spores, the victim takes damage from the burn. After defeating the Shambler, its body explodes causing damage in the aftermath.

How to defeat the Shambler

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