The Last of Us 2 - Bow Weapon Stats

Guide on bow stats and best upgrades in The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2


Long-range bow with silent shots and slow draw speed.
Weapon List


Location Inside a house of Chapter: Hillcrest.
Firepower ★★★
Draw Speed ★☆☆ (★★★, After full draw speed upgrade)
Accuracy ★★☆
Arrow Acquisition ★★★ (Surplus of Arrows and the chance to retrieve them from the ground after use makes it a strong contender against other weapons)
Silencer Compatibility
Usage ★★★ (Arguably the best weapon in the game after fine-tuning with upgrades)

List of Upgrades

Name Detail Priority
Draw Speed Restring the bow to increase draw speed. ★★★★
Stability Replace the grip to decrease weapon sway. ★★★
Rangefinder Add a rangefinder to automatically mark the distance of enemies on the reticle. ★★

Capitalize on draw speed among the bow upgrades to improve the use drastically. After fine-tuning the draw speed, enhance the stability line more shots accurately. While not essential, you may opt to allocate remaining points to rangefinder.

Crafting and Upgrade

Upgrade Effect Cost
Draw Speed +50% Nocking Speed
70% Draw Speed
Stability 60% Stability 60
Rangefinder 80

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