The Last of Us 2 - Game Controls

Game controls in The Last of Us 2 (TLOU 2) on the Playstation 4.

The Last of Us 2 - Game Controls

Game Controls

The Last of Us 2 - Game Controls

Input Command
PlayStation 4 - Left Stick Move
PlayStation 4 - Right Stick Camera
PlayStation 4 - Triangle Button Interact/Grab, Weapon Action (while aiming)
PlayStation 4 - Square Button Melee, Shoulder Swap (while aiming)
PlayStation 4 - Circle Button Crouch/Prone (hold)
PlayStation 4 - × Button Jump/Climb, Scope (while aiming)
PlayStation 4 - L1 Button Dodge/Spring (hold)
PlayStation 4 - R1 Button Weapon Swap/Listen (hold)
PlayStation 4 - L2 Button Aim (hold)
PlayStation 4 - R2 Button Reload/Quick Throw/Use (hold), Fire (while aiming)
PlayStation 4 - L3 Button Look-At/Navigational Assist, Hold Breath (while aiming)
PlayStation 4 - R3 Button Flashlight
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button(Left) Weapon Cross Left
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button (Right) Weapon Cross Right
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button(Up) Weapon Cross Up
PlayStation 4 - Directional Button (Down) Weapon Cross Down
PlayStation 4 - Touch Pad Button Backpack
PlayStation 4 - Option Button Menu

Special Inputs

Below is a list of button inputs and button presses that can be switched between tap or hold, or hold or toggle. For tap/hold options, you can choose to keep tapping one by one or holding the button to continue with the inputs. For hold/toggle options, the command is active while the button is held. If you switch to toggle, you’ll have to press the button again to exit the command. Bow firing offers hold/tap options.

Input Options Command
PlayStation 4 - Square Button Tap or Hold Melee Combos
PlayStation 4 - L2 Button Hold or Toggle Aiming Mode
PlayStation 4 - R1 Button Hold or Toggle Listen Mode
PlayStation 4 - L1 Button Hold or Toggle Sprinting (Patch 1.01)
PlayStation 4 - × Button Hold or Toggle Crafting
PlayStation 4 - Square Button Hold or Toggle Backpack Weapon Swap
PlayStation 4 - R2 Button Hold or Tap Bow Firing
PlayStation 4 - L3 Button Hold or Toggle Hold Breath Mode

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