The Last of Us 2 - All Weapon Part Locations

A guide on where to find all weapon parts in The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us 2 - All Weapon Part Locations

All Weapon Part Locations

The Last of Us 2 - All Weapon Part Locations

Weapon Upgrade Guide

Parts are resources in The Last of Us Part 2 that allow you to craft and attach upgrades to weapons. When exploring the game world, keep an eye out for a hammer and nut icon where they can be scavenged.

Best Weapon Upgrades

The Last of Us 2 - All Weapon Part Locations

Note that fully-upgrading all weapons will require you to play on New Game Plus. This is because the amount of obtainable parts in one playthrough is not enough to acquire all upgrades for all weapons. (to be confirmed)

New Game Plus Guide

Chapter 2: Waking Up

Parts Location
Parts x7 On the small bench at the Blacksmith area before entering Tipsy Bar.
Parts x3 On your right after leaving Tipsy Bison Bar.
Parts x5 On a box to the very end of the road after leaving Tipsy Bison Bar.

Chapter 4: Patrol

Parts Location
Parts x5 After climbing a rope, go inside the right room.
Parts x8 Go inside the RV in the middle of the area.
Parts x4 Enter a room containing after defeating a runner through a short cutscene.
Parts x3 Inside the left room of a spore-infested area.
Parts x12 Inside the safe of a supermarket’s back office. Input the code: 07-20-13.
Parts x24 Inside the library after breaking a window.
Parts x7 Return to the room opposite of the first workbench.

Chapter 8: The Gate

Parts Location
Parts x7 On the truck beside the the big gate with graffiti saying: “WLF TRESPASSERS KILLED ON SIGHT!”.
Parts x3 Inside the little guard house.
Parts x5  Inside the watch tower.
Parts x4 On the roof of the trailer.
Parts x12  Inside another watch tower.

Chapter 9: Downtown

Parts Location
Parts x16 Inside the overturned truck after passing by the firetruck.
Parts x7 Found at the top of ruins between Colombia Street and Marion Street (ruins).
Parts x13 Inside the glass cabinet placed in a building between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue.
Parts x16 In the military tent between Marion Street and Madison Street.
Parts x17 Inside the safe located behind a gate between Marion Street and Madison Street. Input the code: 04-51.
Parts x12 Inside the Ruston Coffee Shop, north of Spring Street.
Parts x18 Inside the Barkos Pet Store, east of Valiant Music Store. A “Pet Store Key” is required which you can get from the Ruston Coffee Shop restroom.
Parts x12 In the back of the truck parked in front of the water fall.
Parts x10 Around the shelves located inside the ground floor of a dome (synagogue).
Parts x11 After climbing up the upper floor of a dome (synagogue).
Parts x3 Inside the side office of a dark hallway located downstairs of a courhouse.
Parts x7 Inside the safe located in the side office. Input the code: 86-07-22.
Parts x8 In the dark corridor after you rappel down the elevator rope.
Parts x7 Inside the drawer of Serevena hotel ground floor.
Parts x11 In the concierge room of Serevena hotel.

Chapter 10: Eastbrook Elementary

Parts Location
Parts x16 In the cafeteria after the shootout.
Parts x8 On the rooftop
Parts x16 In the room after crossing the crossing the rooftop.
Parts x11 In the bedroom closet in the first apartment.
Parts x16 In the bedroom closet in the second apartment.

Chapter 11: Capitol Hill

Parts Location
Parts x1 In the kitchen drawer of the first house.
Parts x3 In the bedroom upstairs of the house with a number “6” at its door.
Parts x15 On the washing machine room and on the bed of the apartment.
Parts x14 In the garage and bathroom of the gas station.
Parts x8 On the shelf in the locker room located at Olive Street Market store.

Chapter 12: Channel 13

Parts Location
Parts x7 In the back of the “Channel 13 News” van.
Parts x15 On the floor of the TV Station’s news room.

Chapter 13: The Tunnels

Parts Location
Parts x7 On the workbench on the side room after
Parts x12 In the room on your right after crouching through a hole in the fence.

Chapter 14: The Theater

Parts Location
Parts x4 In the projection room of the theater.
Parts x6 In the power generator room after climbing up the ladder in order to reach the roof.

Chapter 16: Hillcrest

Parts Location
Parts x27 In the cellar after going through a hole in the wall behind the counter.
Parts x4 In the kitchen after climbing up a vent.
Parts x3 On the ground where the dumpster is located.
Parts x15 In the right side room of the building with a workbench.
Parts x9 Inside the safe located in a room covered by a green dumpster. Input the code: 30-82-65.
Parts x5 In the back office behind the safe.
Parts x11 Inside the garage of a house on the right side of the road.
Parts x10 In the green harden hut of a garden area.
Parts x3 On the table of the burnt-down metal hut.

Chapter 18: The Seraphites

Parts Location
Parts x10 On the left of the roof after climbing the boxes.
Parts x5 In the bathroom of the Quickmart building.
Parts x4 On the dining table of the “Kingsgate Brewing Co.” building.
Parts x18 Inside the locked room of the “Conference Center” building.
Parts x6 On the floor of the “Conference Center” building.
Parts x5 On the second floor or the apartment building.
Parts x7 On the desk located at “Seattle Conference Center’s” ground floor office.
Parts x15 On the shelf of a room after reaching the sewers.
Parts x3 On the cupboard and in the shelf near to the balcony exit.
Parts x4 On a box to the right after killing the girl that plays PS Vita.
Parts x4 In the watchtower during an enemy encounter.

Chapter 20: Road to the Aquarium

Parts Location
Parts x3 In the back office drawer of the “Frontier Rental Car” building.
Parts x17 In the bathroom of “WDL” Shipping and Packaging shop.
Parts x15 Next to the workbench of the “Rachel’s Fabrics” warehouse.
Parts x10 On the metal shelf of the “Rachel’s Fabrics” warehouse.

Chapter 21: The Flooded City

Parts Location
Parts x7 Inside the safe after crawling through a pile of rubble located in the first house. Input the code: 70-12-64.
Parts x18 Underwater next to a workbench located in the “Seattle Sleep Warehouse” building.
Parts x15 On the upper floor of the “Kingsgate Brewing Co.” building.
Parts x29 In the junction box by the stairs, under the ball game corner, on the game table, and on the junction box left of workbench of the “W&B Arcade” building.
Parts x2 On the left an right desk of the “PC Cafe” building.

Chapter 22: Infiltration

Parts Location
Parts x9 Inside the locker of the Aquarium building.
Parts x17 On the right shelf after falling out of an air duct.

Chapter 25: On Foot

Parts Location
Parts x14 On the left shelf of the big shopping area’s Halloween section.
Parts x9 At the cash register at the next store station.
Parts x10 On the right shelf and left shelf of the Garden Center
Parts x61 On the shelves, counters, tables, and garden houses of the next section of the Garden Center.
Parts x14 On the first shelf and on the other side of the same shelf of the tool shop.
Parts x9 Left side of the tool table.
Parts x18 On the tool table in front of the workbench.

Chapter 26: The Forward Base

Parts Location
Parts x18 Left of the workbench inside the white tent.

Chapter 28: Hostile Territory

Parts Location
Parts x6 In the kitchen drawers of the first apartment.
Parts x18 Under the sink and under the cash register of the “Spicy Dumpling” building.
Parts x3 In the living room drawer after squeezing through a gap.
Parts x7 On the bar table after entering a hotel with a bunch of infected enemies inside.
Parts x16 Behind the counter of the “Ruby Dragon” 3rd store.
Parts x7 Inside the room of next shop beside the “Ruby Dragon” 3rd store.
Parts x3 On the table of the truck decorated like a shrine.
Parts x1 Inside the room to the right of the decorated truck.
Parts x4 Inside the drawer of one of the tables with a sink located inside a building after a Scars enemy encounter.

Chapter 30: The Forest

Parts Location
Parts x27 On the shelves of a room located inside the “La Rosa’s Auto Shop”.
Parts x19 On the shelf, on the shelf behind the cash register, and in the adjacent bathroom of the “La Rosa’s Auto Shop’s” next room.
Parts x12 On the desk of the next building after “La Rosa’s Auto Shop”.
Parts x9 On a desk of the same building.

Chapter 31: The Coast

Parts Location
Parts x18 Inside the shelf inside the first building you’ve visited.
Parts x9 Right side of the crate behind the white truck.
Parts x6 Inside the cruise ship.
Parts x17 Inside the metal shelf of the storage room of the cruise ship.
Parts x16 Inside the safe on the top deck of the ship. Input the code: 90-77-01.

Chapter 33: The Shortcut

Parts Location
Parts x8 Inside the brown car furthest left of the highway.
Parts x8 Inside the bedroom after jumping from a highway to an apartment. Input the code: 30-23-04.
Parts x9 On the ground of the apartment’s roof.
Parts x28 On the table right of the workbench, on the table by the corpse, in the cash register, and in the drawer by the stairs of the “Interbay” store.
Parts x7 On your right after crossing the wooden bridge.
Parts x21 Inside the shelf locate inside the room of a shrine.
Parts x13 Inside the metal shelf on the left before getting in the elevator.
Parts x6 On the right after exiting the elevator.
Parts x11 At the end of the fallen structure.

Chapter 34: The Descent

Parts Location
Parts x14 On the table and in the cupboard under the TV of a living room.
Parts x12 On the table located inside a room.
Parts x14 In the next room near the ledge after dropping down one floor.
Parts x3 Inside the drawer after killing the Shambler in a room.
Parts x8 Left of the vending machine after immediately exiting the elevator shaft.
Parts x18 In the far right corner of the pavilion located near the plaza.
Parts x15 In the bathroom of the next building you’ve visited after going down a small ledge.

Chapter 35: Ground Zero

Parts Location
Parts x14 On the shelf inside the room where you land after leaving the Oncology Center.
Parts x36 After climbing over the broken wall and inside the room where you need to turn on the power.
Parts x16 In the back of a truck located inside a garage.

Chapter 37: The Marina

Parts Location
Parts x15 Inside the “Lenora St” tram station.
Parts x7 On the back of the truck as you wade through the water.
Parts x8 Inside the shop at the end of the pier.
Parts x23 Inside the building after your push a cart and evade the sniper.

Chapter 38: The Island

Parts Location
Parts x14 In the back of the car after climbing up the first ladder.
Parts x7 In the second left hut after your first enemy encounter.
Parts x13 In the the sawmill, the last building after passing the two huts straight ahead.
Parts x16 Inside the watchtower after facing two Scars enemies.
Parts x11 In the next hut on the left.

Chapter 39: The Escape

Parts Location
Parts x7 Inside the shelf located in the hut.
Parts x34 Inside another shelf after a cutscene.
Parts x11 On the right cash register desk, at the bar on the right, and on the left of the meat grinder table.
Parts x9 In the middle of the path that is overgrown with plants after reaching the back of a truck.
Parts x11 Inside a room with a workbench after climbing up a ladder.

Chapter 43: Pushing Inland

Parts Location
Parts x22 In the right side garage after climbing over the first fence.
Parts x9 On the kitchen table after entering a mansion with a Clicker on its roof.
Parts x9 In the left side of the parked truck before going downhill.

Chapter 44: The Resort

Parts Location
Parts x13 Inside the shop left of the van.
Parts x22 At the circular saw located in a hut, on the balcony of the building, and outside of the white container behind the workbench.

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