The Last of Us 2 - How to Defeat Stalker

Strategy on how to defeat the stalker in The Last of Us 2.


The second stage of the Cordyceps infection. The stalker serves as the middle ground between runners and clickers. They have an unique frog like sound which can warn passersby of their presence. They have mutated faces and lack an eye. When undetected, stalkers plan their attack on an unsuspecting victim due to their agility. Like runners, stalkers can also charge at enemies when provoked.

The Infected


Below are tips on how to defeat the stalker. We will update this as we go along.

Sometimes, the stalker’s face glows in the dark which makes them prone to attacks even in pitch black areas. Unlike other types, they are extremely sensitive to their surroundings which make them even more dangerous to face in large numbers. While stealth takedowns is an option against an isolated stalker, it can be tough to pull of given its cognizance for intruders and the potential for other stalkers to come to its aid. If you need to save ammunition, you can opt to hurl a brick to distract one and then close in for a takedown with Ellie’s switchblade. If you’re up against a horde, powerful weapons like the shotgun can make quick work of them.

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