The Last of Us 2 - How to Defeat Runner

Strategy on how to defeat the runner in The Last of Us 2.


The lowest form of transformation among the infected. When the infection is at the early stages, the eyes of the host deteriorate which gives Runners their distinctly poor eyesight. They retain many features that they used to have while living as humans like appearance and the way they sound. These enemies have shiny orange eyes and tend to keep a hunched stance when idle. Runners react to sound and only turn hostile when provoked or approached. Runners often come in swarms and charge while flailing their arms when angered. Here, the Runners are back and more aggressive than before.

The Infected


Below are tips on how to defeat the runner. We will update this as we go along.

Runners are the most common type of infected and the weakest variant which makes them easier to deal with. However, their strength is in numbers which can still pose a threat. The best way to dispose of them is to employ stealth to thin them out. Creep up from behind and use the switchblade to kill runners that have wandered off from their horde swiftly. When overwhelmed, you have the option of sprinting to outrun them.

Unlike other types of infected, you have a chance to fight back when a runner grabs you. When the runners come together with clickers and other types, they become more dangerous to deal with since they can alert the surrounding enemies. Focus on reducing the amount of runners in the vicinity to pave the way for a silent retreat from the remainder of the other infected types.

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