The Last of Us 2 - How to Defeat Clicker

Strategy on how to defeat the clicker in The Last of Us 2.


The Last of Us 2 - How to Defeat Clicker

The third stage of the Cordyceps infection. The name comes from the clicking sound that they produce when patrolling areas. Clickers gained superhuman strength which makes them more dangerous than the other variants. Echolocation or the sound that clickers make gives them a way to traverse from one area to the next. Like the other infected, Clickers may also stay idle at times. However, when it detects an enemy, it goes on a rampage and viciously darts to the nearest source of the sound to maul whichever it clings to.

The Infected


Below are tips on how to defeat the clicker. We will update this as we go along.

The clicker is extremely dangerous to face if you don’t have a gun on hand since it can easily overpower you. Worst case scenario is facing one while it’s on a rampage. However, the clicker is also prone to stealth takedowns. One way is to distract it with a bottle and then sneak behind it and finish it off with a switchblade. You can also opt to use a bow and pull off a headshot to take it down.

If you provoke a Clicker, there are ways to escape. One way is to run as far as you can, another is take cover behind some debris to confuse it. A sure fire way to dispose of a horde of clickers is to catch their attention by throwing a Molotov Cocktail out in the open. Clickers are attracted to noise and will not hesitate to approach the it which causes them to burn to death.

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