The Last of Us 2 - All Trading Card Locations

A guide on where to find all trading cards in The Last of Us 2 (TLOU 2). Included are the areas and locations to get the collectibles, rewards, and how to obtain the Starter Set and Master Set trophies.

The Last of Us 2 - All Trading Card Locations

All Trading Card Locations

Similar to comic books in the first game, various collectible trading cards are found throughout the main story. Below is a list of all trading card locations per chapter of the main story.

All Collectibles Guide


  • Finding 5 trading cards unlocks the Starter Set trophy (bronze).
  • Finding all trading cards unlocks Master Set trophy (gold).

Trophy List


Chapter: Waking Up

Trading Card In-Game Location
Seismicayla On the notice board of the Main Street Gallery (Jackson).
The Keene Twins On the barrel next to the dart board of the Tipsy Bison bar (Jackson).

Chapter: Patrol

Trading Card In-Game Location
The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - TesseracterTesseracter The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - Tesseracter LocationIn the shelf next to the clothes rail the ruined house with the “open house sign.”
The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - CEO SparkLaurent Foucault, CEO Spark The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - CEO Spark LocationIn the children’s library, walk around the wall with a poster that says “Unlock your imagination” to find a closet where the card is.

Seattle Day 1

Chapter: The Gate

Trading Card In-Game Location
Motivator On the notice board of the collapsed bus shelter (Seattle).
The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - Starfire KidsThe Starfire Kids The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - Starfire Kids LocationOn the message board of a cabin in the overgrown highway (Seattle).
The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - ChessmasterChessmaster The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - Chessmaster LocationOn the desk of the lookout tower (Seattle).
Oozer On the top of a trailer beside a chair (Seattle).

Chapter: Downtown

Trading Card In-Game Location
The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - Dast WortDast Wort The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - Dast Wort LocationInside the drawer beneath the a pair speakers in the Valiant Music Shop (Seattle).
Doctor Uckmann Inside the left-most box beside a series of sandbags in the dilapidated building (Seattle).
The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - FloFlo The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - Flo LocationInside Safe #2 of the Checkpoint Gate West 2 (Seattle).
The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - Big BlueBig Blue The Last of Us 2 - Training Card - Big Blue LocationBeneath the coffee-making machines of Ruston Coffee (Seattle).
Know It All Inside the drawer between two beds of the Serevena Hotel second room (Seattle).

Chapter: Eastbrook Elementary

Trading Card In-Game Location
Cardio Inside the drawer of a chest located in an apartment (Seattle).

Chapter: Capitol Hill

Trading Card In-Game Location
Kinnard, Esq. In apartment unit 3. Turn right from the white car next to a tree and follow it to a side alley. Turn right again when you see some patio furniture and enter apartment unit 3. The card is on the end table of the living room.
Rockafella Among the trash inside a Capitol Hill Inn bedroom. Go around the back alley of the inn and go inside through the window with the blue cloth sticking out.
Doctor Stem On top of a chest next to a record player in the coffee shop-style room (Seattle)
Sergeant Frost Inside the locker of a grocery store’s storage area (Seattle).
Candelabra On the shelves next to an ATM.
Bizarrebra On the children’s section bookshelf of the Wellwishes thrift store (Seattle).

Chapter: Channel 13

Trading Card In-Game Location
Kimimela On the table opposite of an office’s window (Seattle).

Chapter: The Tunnels

Trading Card In-Game Location
The Imp Among the trash underneath a subway train (Seattle).
Dr. Daniela Star On the table after crawling under a desk and through a fence hole (Seattle).
Bastet On the top of a luggage case after crawling underneath a crashed train (Seattle).

Chapter: The Theatre

Trading Card In-Game Location
Mortem On the bottom of the shelf after smashing the glass cabinets (Seattle).
Beyond Below of the disbanded sofa in the theatre’s main corridor (Seattle).

Chapter: The Birthday Gift

Trading Card In-Game Location
The Nighthawk On the bench beside the triceratops of the Wyoming Museum (Seattle).
Saura Under the bench of the right room after reach the second part of the museum by swimming (Seattle).

Seattle Day 2

Chapter: Hillcrest

Trading Card In-Game Location
Wachumero Inside the truck after you smash its window at the start of the chapter (Seattle).
Sahir the Sorcerer Behind the counter near to boxes inside the Caroline Paper Co. building (Seattle).
Naledi the Youthful Below the bicycle located inside the work bench (Seattle).
Brainstorm Inside the toy house located in a garden with a veranda (Seattle).
Reverb Near the wall after crawling under the bed of the last building (Seattle).

Chapter: Finding Strings

Trading Card In-Game Location
The Austinger Inside the backseat when you enter the trailer written with “U-Move” on it (Seattle).

Chapter: The Seraphites

Trading Card In-Game Location
Randy Styles On the shelf next of a box inside the grocery store (Seattle).
Shift On the sofa across the wall of a pub building (Seattle).
Star Sign In the top drawer of a bedroom (Seattle).
Arch-Enemy Inside the drawer across the window of Seattle Conference Area (Seattle).
Doppelganger Beneath the able inside the apartment complex (Seattle).
Bhat M’Andarr On the counter of Weston’s Pharmacy’s entrance (Seattle).

Seattle Day 3

Chapter: Road to the Aquarium

Trading Card In-Game Location
Esquire Near the travel cases behind the stage curtain (Seattle).
Tormentra On the desk across the wall opposite of the dark building’s entrance (Seattle).
Tanager On the bottom of the right shelf near the cash register section (Seattle).
Tatuaje On the shelf of the wrecked building after a cutscene (Seattle).

Chapter: The Flooded City

Trading Card In-Game Location
Seff-L’ho’pad Inside the drawer of a desk located inside a flooded room (Seattle).
Khazakh Bright On the shelf beneath the cash register inside a small toy shop (Seattle).

Santa Barbara

Chapter: Pushing Inland

Trading Card In-Game Location
CBB-73 Beneath a lamp of the kid’s desk (Santa Barbara).

Chapter: The Resort

Trading Card In-Game Location
Sparkthug On the table beside the stereo system (Santa Barbara).

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