The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Faron Woods Walkthrough

A walkthrough and guide for Chapter 2: Faron Woods in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Included are all obtainable items and locations, obtainable equipment, and enemy and boss strategies

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Faron Woods Walkthrough

Chapter 2: Faron Woods in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Faron Woods Walkthrough

Here is our The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD main story walkthrough and strategy guide for Chapter 2: Faron Woods. This includes a list of enemies encountered and obtainable items.

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Obtainable Items

Here is a list of items obtainable in this walkthrough:

Item Location
Revitalizing Potion x1 Sealed Temple
Woodland Rhino Beetle x2
Sealed Temple
Amber Relic x2 Faron Woods
Piece of Heart x1 Faron Woods
Slingshot x1 Faron Woods
Red Rupee x1 Deep Woods
Hornet Larvae x1 Deep Woods
Goddess Cube #1 Deep Woods
Goddess Cube #2 Deep Woods
Adventure Pouch Slot x1
Pumpkin Landing (Goddess Chest #1)
Piece of Heart x1
Pumpkin Landing
Piece of Heart x1  Small Island (Goddess Chest #2)


Here is a list of enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Enemy Location
Deku Baba Sealed Grounds, Faron Woods
Red Bokoblins Sealed Grounds, Faron Woods
Octorok Faron Woods
Myu Faron Woods
Red Bokoblin Faron Woods
Guay Faron Woods
Quadro Baba Deep Woods


Here is a list of boss enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Enemy Location
None None


Here is a breakdown of Link’s progress before going through each location in this walkthrough:

Sealed Grounds and Faron Woods

Life Points Heart Pieces Goddess Cubes Goddess Chests Gratitude Crystals Medals
6 Hearts 0/24 0/27 0/27 0/80 0/10

Deep Woods

Life Points Heart Pieces Goddess Cubes Goddess Chests Gratitude Crystals Medals
6 Hearts 1/24 0/27 0/27 0/80 0/10

Skyloft (Pumpkin Landing, Bamboo Island, and Shops)

Life Points Heart Pieces Goddess Cubes Goddess Chests Gratitude Crystals Medals
6 Hearts 1/24 2/27 0/27 0/80 0/10

Chapter 2: Faron Woods Walkthrough

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Faron Woods Walkthrough

Sealed Grounds

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Sealed Grounds

1 Regain control of Link after your discussion with Fi and walk down the pathway.
2 Defeat a new enemy called Deku Baba. Deliver sword slashes that split the enemy in half or use a Shield Bash move.
3 Follow the pathway and jump down to trigger a cutscene. Reach the center of the area by using your Sailcloth.
4 Fi will instruct you about the Dowsing ability. This helps in detecting the location of Zelda.
5 Make use of the geysers within the area to reach the top of the Sealed Grounds.
6 Enter the massive door to enter the temple. Approach the strange object and deliver a Skyward Strike to make the massive door open.

Sealed Temple

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Sealed Temple

1 Speak to the old woman and open the nearby treasure chest (Revitalizing Potion x1) in the adjacent door.
2 Head through the unlocked door and defeat enemies such as Red Bokoblins to rescue a Goron. Attack them from the right and then left immediately to hurt them. You can also Shield Bash to stun them in the process.
3 Gorko, the Goron will speak about Bird Statues. Make it a point to save your progress in a statue nearby.
4 East of the statue you will find bugs crawling along the wall. Roll into the wall to knock them down and collect items (Woodland Rhino Beetle x2).
All Bug Locations
5 Continue the pathway and reach the marked location on the map.
6 When you reach a higher ledge, push a nearby log against the wall. Use it to climb up to the ledge. Continue and enter the Faron Woods.

Faron Woods Part 1

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Faron Woods

1 After speaking with Fi, run right ahead passing by the Bird Statue, and see a rope hanging down.
2 Jump over and grab it. Then, swing yourself back and forth. Jump of when it is close to the other side.
3 Reach an area with small trees blocking your pathway. Cut them down and continue forward.
4 Defeat another group of enemies and speak to a weird-looking plant. Fi will jump in and tell you about the Kikwi tribe residing in this forest.
5 Go ahead and find another steep incline. Dash ahead to get to the top. Use the dowsing ability to locate the Kikwi hiding behind the mushroom.
6 Slash and it will run away again. Also, don’t forget to use an empty bottle to capture Mushroom Spores. There are some spores that glitter in Faron Woods and you can get Glittering Spore bottles instead.
7 Use the Glittering Spores over to turn them into fairies. Use the spores over Rupees and get more or less valuable Rupees. Glittering Spore bottles can be used five times before they ran out.
8 Resume on looking for the Kikwi using the dowsing ability. Look for it behind another mushroom and behind a tree. Once you uncover the Kikwi for the third time, he will introduce himself as Machi.
9 Using the dowsing mechanism to find the Kikwi Elder. Head right and return to a previous area. Look west and find another sandy incline. Dash to pass through this area and avoid the enemy.
10 You will find more Red Bokoblins and Octorok. To counter Octoroks, use Shield Attacks to deflect their rocks back from them.
11 You will find a small pond and waterfall left of your location. Make use of the log and climb up to find an item in the water (Amber Relic x1). The item can be used to upgrade items.
12 Continue moving and find another large log in your right. Push it down to find another item (Amber Relic x1). Find a Bird Statue and examine it.
13 Climb back up using the log and follow the pathway leading west. After cutting some trees, you will encounter a door in your right. Ignore and continue going.
14 Defeat more enemies and see a rope attached to the ground. Slash to detach and jump to grab the rope. Swing and move to the other side.
15 Find the Kikwi Elder, Bucha, and he will ask you to look for three other Kikwis missing. To find the first Kikwi, approach the small cave and crawl through. Climb up the vines on the other side and look for a tightrope.
16 When you see Myu enemies hanging from the rope, shake the rope make them fall off. After that move the other side using the tightrope.
17 After jumping down, you will encounter the Red Bokoblin Leader. Prepare for a battle.

Defeat Red Bokoblin Leader

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Faron Woods Defeat Red Bokoblin Leader

1 Defeat the Red Bokoblin Leader.
2 Focus on the boss while mitigating damage from summoned regular Bokoblins.
3 Once the leader is finished. Clear the remaining enemies.

Faron Woods Part 2

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Faron Woods

1 After the battle, look for the first Kikwi in the tree nearby.
2 Dash and shake the nunchuck to roll into the tree to free him. The name of the freed Kikwi is Lopsa.
3 To find the second Kikwi, grab the rope hanging from the tree and land on a higher platform. After that, push the nearby log and jump off the ledge.
4 You will find ruins from your east. Ignore for now continue moving straight ahead.
5 New enemies will come out such as Guay. Avoid their poop attacks and use spin attacks to get rid of the smell effects.
6 After evading, head to the northern wall and find some vines hanging. Climb up using the vines and leap across the other vines. When you and on a higher platform.
7 Slash the bushes found here and see the second Kikwi crawling around. Keep on slashing bushes until all are gone. Finally, approach the second Kikwi, Erla.
8 After speaking, jump off the ledge and go to the east. Crawl into the small hole you will encounter and defeat more enemies.
9 See a ramp and move climb up. Defeat more enemies and see an item (Piece of Heart x1) by crossing the tightrope.
All Heart Piece Locations
 10 Reach the higher ledge that will lead to the other end. Use the dowsing ability ane see a small hole in the ground around a large tree.
11 Drop down and walk around the area to find the third Kikwi underneath the bush. The third Kikwi is named Oolo.
12 Return to the Kikwi Elder by dashing and jumping over the nearby ledge. The location of the elder is marked so will not be lost.
13 The elder will reward Link with new usable equipment (Slingshot x1).
14 After talking to Bucha, shoot the nearby rope to make it fall. Use it to swing across the gap.
15 When you see water on the right, look east and see a narrow passage that you can enter.
16 Inside the ruin, there is a strange structure. Go to the top and examine another Bird Statue.
17 Move past the structure to find another curled rope. Shoot it and climb up. Swing and reach the higher ledge leading to the Deep Woods.

Deep Woods

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Deep Woods

1 Defeat the Red Bokoblins together with its minions. and proceed east.
2 Use the slingshot to hit the tightrope and hornet’s nest and make it fall.
3 Read the other side by crossing the tight rope and defeat enemies.
4 Follow through the linear path and defeat enemies again.
5 The bridge leading to the temple is damaged so go east and grab a ledge that Link can hold onto.
6 Make your way to the left and see another tight rope. Cross and shake the rope to make the Myu and Bokoblin fall to the ground.
7 Cross the tightrope further and reach a new area. Find a tree and look behind to see a small tree stump. Sit and recover lost HP.
8 After examining the statue, look for a rope hanging from the tree that will lead you to the next area. Run and leap to grab the rope. Swing and land to the other side.
9 Follow the path and defeat new enemies such as Quadro Baba. Hit the enemy’s head or use a Shield Bash to stun.
10 Go left and walk up towards the higher platform and find the chest (Red Rupee x1).
11 Move further through the pathway and see Goron. Refuse on his offer twice to get an item (Hornet Larvae x1).
12 Execute a Skyward Strike on the Goddes Cube #1. It will show a new treasure chest on one floating island.
All Goddess Cube Locations
13 Enter the temple and look at the bridge again to spot Goddess Cube #2.
14 After a cutscene, return to The Sky.

Skyloft – Pumpkin Landing

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Pumpkin Landing

1 Fi will tell you that the Goddess Cubes you previously found and hit have revealed the chests in The Sky.
All Goddess Chest Locations
2 Proceed to the southeast part of The Sky and enter the Pumpkin Landing.
3 Head to the side of the entrance to find the Goddess Chest #1 (Adventure Pouch x1).
4 Enter the large building called Lumpy Pumpkin. Speak to the owner, Pumm, and ignore his request.
5 Go to the second floor and roll towards the balcony railings twice. This will make the chandelier fall to the floor and break.
6 Go down and collect an item (Piece of Heart x1). Don’t forget the rupees and talk to the tavern owner.
7 A new side quest is available. It requires you to get your empty bottle filled up with Hot Pumpkin Soup. You can do this side quest by deliver it to the recipient at the Sparring Hall in under 5 minutes.
8 After that, head to a small island south of Skyloft, The island is completely empty. See Goddess Chest #2 (Piece of Heart x1).
9 Leave and proceed to another area called Bamboo Island.

Skyloft – Bamboo Island

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Bamboo Island

1 Head north of Skyloft and reach Bamboo Island.
2 Peter is an inhabitant of the island and he introduces you to the Clean-Cut mini-game. Pay 10 Rupees to cut down a bamboo tree.
3 Swipe as fast as you can and reach a score of around 20 clean cuts.
4 Rewards are nothing (for 0-15 cuts), 30 Rupees (for 15-19 cuts), Monster Horn or Evil Crystal (for 20-27 cuts), and Blue Bird Feather, Goddess Plume, and Golden Skull (for 28 or more cuts).
5 After your attempt, let’s visit Beedle’s Airshop.

Skyloft – Beedle’s Air Shop

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Beedle's Air Shop

1 Return to Skyloft and look for Beedle’s Air Shop. The shop circulates around Skyloft.
Beedle’s Air Shop
2 Use your slingshot to hit the bell to see a rope lowered. Run and climb to enter the shop. Initially, the shop will sell these items: Bug Net (for 50 Rupees), Extra Wallet (100 Rupees), Life Medal (for 800 Rupees), and Adventure Pouch Slot (for 300 Rupees).
3 You may want to buy a Bug Net and an Extra Wallet for now.
4 After that leave and head to Gondo’s Scrap Shop.

Skyloft – Gondo’s Scrap Shop

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Chapter 2: Gondo's Scrap Shop

1 Enter the bazaar and reach the scrap shop.
2 Upgrade your Wooden Shield into a Banded Shield. The upgrade requires items such as Amber Relic x2, Monster Claw x1, and Jelly Blob x1.
All Equipment and Item Upgrades
3 If you don’t have enough items, you can acquire them from Keese and ChuChu in the Waterfall Cave (for Monster Claw and Jelly Blob).
4 Leave Skyloft and transfer to the Bird Statue near the Skyview Temple entrance.
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