News SG - Daemon X Machina presented on Treehouse livestream at E3 2019 Nintendo Direct

Features presented on Daemon X Machina gameplay during the Nintendo Treehouse livestream at E3 2019.

Gameplay of Daemon X Machina shown on E3 2019 Treehouse livestream

A new mecha third person shooter created by Marvelous and First Studio for the Nintendo Switch. Daemon X Machina tells the story of an Outer, a mercenary who must take on missions to defend the planet from invaders. They do this aboard a mecha called an Arsenal.

Navigating the Console

Players can customize their Arsenal in the hangar found on the console. They can also load premade mechs to use in missions. During gameplay, there are 10 available loadouts which could indicate that players can register a total of 10 customized Arsenals.

Taking care of your Arsenal is vital to complete missions. You must learn how to manage both your ammunition and your fuel as you cross the battlefield. You will thereby need to set up your loadout carefully to avoid failing missions.

Modern Take on the Classic Mecha Shooter

Those who are familiar with the Armored Core games which debuted on the Sony PlayStation are in for a treat in Daemon X Machina. Its producer, Mr. Kenichiro Tsukuda, was the producer of Armored Core and is responsible for the series’ production. Its mechanic designer, Mr. Shōji Kawamori, also worked on the first game with the same job title. The story bears a striking resemblance those first games, where players control a mercenary tasked to save the world.

Besides its faithful interpretation of the old, Daemon X Machina improves on the experience. The game offers even more fast-paced gameplay with Arsenals having access to a variety of boosters to execute on the fly. For tougher battles like boss fights, players can now cycle through various modes at the cost of a stamina-like gauge called Femto. A feature that did not exist in Armored Core, players can join with four others in co-op multiplayer. The game’s design has also been greatly improved in comparison to its predecessor by having a vibrant color palette to make effects stand out.

We like what we’re seeing here so far. From both the standpoints of gameplay and design, the game seems to do justice as a spiritual successor of Armored Core.

You can watch the gameplay from the Nintendo Treehouse livestream here

The game is scheduled for release on September 13, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

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