Catherine: Full Body - Death by Nightmare Trailer Released

Atlus West recently released a new Catherine: Full Body trailer called "Death by Nightmare" for the upcoming western release of the game.

Catherine Full Body - Death by Nightmare Trailer

Death by Nightmare

Atlus USA recently release a new trailer for the upcoming western release of Catherine Full Body. Titled “Death By Nightmare”, the trailer focuses on the nightmares that Vincent Brooks is experiencing during the course of the game. Gameplay footage is also shown on the trailer where Vincent has to solve several puzzle labyrinths in order to finish levels.

Following the release of the trailer, Atlus USA also updated the game’s official English website which has additional images and information regarding the main characters of Catherine Full Body.

The publisher also reminded those who watched the trailer that the game is still available for pre-order on the PlayStation store. Catherine Full Body releases on September 3, 2019 in North America and Europe.

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