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The new reveal video of Pokemon Masters is out and presents details on the new region of Pasio, new game mechanics, and new characters.

New Reveal Video for Pokemon Masters

The June 27, 2019 video starts off with a long-running animation, which reintroduced a lot of iconic characters from the video games. The animation took up more than half of the video’s duration. Trainers from regions far and wide gather in Pasio, an artificial region where the game takes place. While gameplay may be scarce compared to the animation, the characters and Pokemon featured in the game are most likely the ones we’ll be seeing as we play.

Pasio, the Artificial Island

Source: The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel

The new spin-off game Pokemon Masters introduces a new region, Pasio. While most main series titles took place in their own regions, Pokemon Masters deviates from that norm. From its title, it resembles post-game content like the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Emerald. Part of the reason is that it focuses on battling rather than catching Pokemon or doing leisure activities. Looking at the aesthetics of the environment, the island appears to draw some inspiration from the previous region, Alola. Trainers face off against each other in locales like white, sandy beaches. Opposing trainers also sport a darker complexion similar to those from the Alola region.

Sync Pairs

Source: The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel

Trainers and Pokemon, known as sync pairs, form a special bond with each other. As you go on a journey with your partner, you will encounter familiar faces who lend a helping hand. Each of these trainers also bears their own sync pair.

Team Up with Famous Pokemon Trainers

In the main series, we witnessed trainers team up with each other to demonstrate the power of their sync pairs and overcome challenges. These were shown through some side missions and escort missions, which were more of a guideline on how to learn the mechanic than an essential element. However, in Pokemon Masters, it appears to play a vital role during story progression. The game revolves around the celebration of trainers which should be enjoyed in a fashion similar to catching Pokemon. This is solidified through its prevailing theme of overcoming challenges by fighting alongside other trainers.

Towards the end of the trailer, various popular trainers from the old games appear. This gives players the option to mix and match their desired sync pairs in whatever order they like. Trainers like Red and his Charizard, Blue and his Pidgeot, and Cynthia and her Garchomp are among those that trainers can recruit as allies. Trainers will have to depend on others in order to get a shot at becoming the Pokemon Masters League Champion.

3 on 3 Matches

After forming your team, you’re ready to duke it out in a 3-on-3 Pokemon battle. Unleash your Pokemon’s potential by chaining attacks. Each move has its own gauge which refills over the course of the battle. Like in the traditional games, trainers can order their Pokemon to use moves to attack or disrupt their enemies. To top it off, trainers can now perform their own signature moves and offer support. Similar to Z moves from the past games, Trainers can now use moves called Sync Moves where they channel their energy to perform a devastating attack. Another new feature is Trainer Moves which give Trainers the ability to buff their Pokemon or restore their health while on the field.

Knowing that there are too many combinations of teams to count, we’re curious to see how each trainer affects the dynamics of battles.

New Characters

Source: The Official Pokemon Youtube Channel

Near the end of the trailer, a couple of unfamiliar faces appear. We already knew from the first reveal that players will take control of new protagonists, but we never heard about a new criminal organization. While we don’t know their names yet, we can’t help but notice a few things that could describe their role as trainers. At the center, we can see a guy who’s rocking a shirt with a Purrloin design. Each of them also conceal their identity with masks, the guy on the right donning clothes similar to Will of the Elite Four. In addition, the girl on the left has a hairstyle reminiscent of Trainer Mira. Their appearance might imply that these are new grunts of an unnamed gang and, as trainers, they specialize in dark type Pokemon.

Release Date

Pokemon Masters was first unveiled during the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference on June 5, 2019.

The game is planned to be released Summer 2019 on the App Store and Google Play. It will be playable in various languages which include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.

If you missed the livestream, you can watch the archive below.

You can also check out their other trailer here.

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