Pokemon Sword and Shield - Latest Pokemon Trailer Revealed New Pokemon, New Forms, and More Characters

Details on the latest Pokemon Trailer which featured New Pokemon and Characters were revealed on the Official Pokemon Youtube Channel on July 8, 2019.

New Findings in Galar Region

Brand new Pokemon, characters, and forms were shown in a new video on the Official Pokemon Youtube channel on July 8, 2019.

New Pokemon

The trailer introduced a number of new Pokemon. First off is Alcremie, which looks like whipped cream with a strawberry protruding from either side of its head. Alcremie is a new fairy type Pokemon with the Sweet Veil ability. It appears to be a continuation of the line of sweets based Pokemon that have existed in the past. These include the cotton candy Pokemon, Slurpuff and the Ice Cream Pokemon, Vanillite. Next up is Yamper, the electric corgi Pokemon. Its first official debut also showcased its official art. During the trailer, Yamper can be seen using Tail Wag in battle. Another new Pokemon, Rolycoly, follows shortly after the dog. It is a rock type and has either the brand new ability Steam Engine or Heatproof. Having a rock type, we know that it already resists fire type attacks so we’re not certain if the latter is going to imply that it will become a steel type to take advantage of this ability in a different way later on. Last but not the least, we have Duraludon, the steel and dragon type Pokemon who comes with the Light Metal or Heavy Metal ability. Duraludon has the stature of Tyranitar and a shape that resembles Gigalith. The trailer showcased Duraludon’s appearance in the snowy terrain, possibly launching a steel type attack on Tyranitar.

New Forms through Gigantamax

Previously, we’ve seen the Dynamax mechanic where a Pokemon grows to a humongous size and gains access to even more powerful attacks. To expand on this feature, the trailer gave us a glimpse of Gigantamax. Through Gigantamax, Alcremie went through a growth spurt and assumed the form of a giant wedding cake with four layers. We could still recognize Alcremie serving as the icing on top, but it was a rather drastic change as opposed to form changes in the past games. Other form changes brought about by Gigantamax were Drednaw’s bipedal stance and Corviknight’s open wing stance.

More Characters

To complement its roster of brand new Pokemon, the trailer also showcased new characters. First on the list is Chairman Rose. Dressed with flair, his suit, well-shaved moustache, and modern hairstyle all seem to highlight his charismatic personality. There’s not much ground to cover about his role in the game, however. For one, he might be the new Gym Leader guide, a recurring NPC that gives advice on how to defeat each gym. He might also be another supporting character, much like the others. Next we have a rather bored looking lady named Oleana standing by his side. Even more mysteries surround this character because she doesn’t even have a title, unlike the chairman. While we don’t know much about them yet, she might be an attendant or the chairman’s sidekick.

Version Exclusive Gym Leaders

The trailer then cuts to a dome with a fist symbol emblazoned on both the structure and the platform directly facing it. Its icon is comparable to the trading card game’s Fighting Energy symbol, to help us identify the gym’s type. We then confirm the presence of the Fighting type gym. Its leader is martial artist Bea, all pumped up and ready for a battle. Even more interesting is the fact that the Pokemon Sword logo appears for a brief moment when her name is shown, indicating that she may only be available in this version. In contrast to Bea’s vigor, we’re then presented with a hunched over Gym Leader. His name is Allister, and his specialty is disrupting foes with Ghost-type Pokemon. Similar to with Bea, the Pokemon Shield icon appears briefly when the camera zooms in on Allister. Version exclusives up to this point have mostly been restricted to Pokemon species. It was not until Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire that characters would also be affected. The exclusivity of gym leaders came about during Pokemon Black and White. We’re curious to find out if there are other exclusives that will be introduced in future trailers.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release on November 15, 2019, for the Nintendo Switch.

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