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Pokemon HOME is a cloud service application that allows players to store and move Pokemon from previous versions to the latest ones. Learn the steps on how to start using Pokemon HOME today.

How to Set up Pokemon HOME


Pokemon HOME just released on the Nintendo eShop. Following its teaser in numerous directs, the cloud-service application made its official debut on Switch and mobile phones. Here, we compiled the preliminary steps and covered some of the interesting features that the application has to offer.

Getting started

1 To get started, head over to the Nintendo E-Shop and look for Pokemon Home.
2 Since the application can be downloaded for free, you can easily install it.
3 After the download is done, press A to start it up
4 Set the language and confirm
5 Go over the privacy policy and tap Yes to agree

Linking your Mobile Nintendo Account

1 If you’ll be using the app for mobile, tap Yes.
2 You’ll be asked if you linked a Nintendo Account to mobile, tap Yes if so. We’ll get back to this later.
3 When the preparations are done, you’ll meet a familiar face.
4 Go through the dialogue and wait for Pokemon HOME to load.

Meet Poke Boy

After learning about the Grand researcher, you’ll meet Poke Box who will guide you through the rest of the application’s functions.

Some Features

We went over some of the features to showcase the Basic Plan.

Main Menu

You’ll start off at the main menu where you can get familiar with the options. If you need to read through the instructions one more time, you can tap “-” to have Poke Boy share them again.

Below is a summary of the main menu options:

Feature Use
POKEMON Deposit Pokemon from one of your games
POKEDEX Check information for each region
Notebook Browse history and records
Move Transfer Pokemon from 3DS to Switch
(Requires Premium Plan)
Points Spend Pokemon HOME Points
Options Configure settings
Nintendo eShop Check Premium Plan / Purchase Premium Plan

When you first access the cloud storage, you’ll receive a free level 5 Japanese Pikachu. Any shiny Pokemon caught will automatically appear shiny for easy reference. In addition, the shiny icon appears near the type icon.

Unlock Dex entries

The Pokedex also reflects the Pokemon stored in Pokemon HOME and not on the copies registered on your Nintendo Switch. In other words, you need to have stored the Pokemon from any of your existing games to the cloud’s box to make their icon appear. A red dot indicates that the Pokemon was recently added to the cloud’s records. Here, we stored a Magikarp from Pokemon Shield, which not only showed its Shield entry but revealed others as well. Still, there are many other features left to unlock such as the language dex entries which require storing Pokemon from other region tags.

While the Basic Plan offers a handful of neat perks, unfortunately many of the features of Pokemon HOME are bound to the Premium Plan.

Pokemon HOME Features

Pokemon HOME is available on the Nintendo eShop. The default file comes as a basic plan and can be upgraded to the premium plan through the Nintendo eShop.

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