Catherine: Full Body - E3 2019 After Party Fully Booked and Surprise Announcement Teased

Details about the fully booked Catherine: Full Body Celebration at E3 2019, including a surprise teaser announcement for fans and attendees.

Catherine: Full Body - E3 2019 After Party

E3 2019’s Catherine: Full Body Celebration Fully Booked and Surprise Announcement Teased.

A Catherine: Full Body-themed after party event was announced by Atlus USA for E3 2019. The event will happen in the late evening of June 12th up until the early morning of June 13th. The event will also include a surprise announcement for the game.



Don’t miss your chance to further explore the world of Catherine: Full Body! Immerse yourself in a world of temptation and make your ultimate choice between love and lust at the official Catherine: Full Body E3 after party.

Experience a more mature side of the expo as you sip on Catherine-themed libations, take captivating pictures at our photospot, be enticed by the sounds of our live in-house DJ, and get your waiting hands on the game at one of our demo stations. We’ll also have exciting swag (while supplies last.)


  • Accessible Location
  • FREE Catherine-themed Bar and Cocktails
  • FREE Admission
  • Live DJ
  • Themed Photospot
  • Game Demo Stations
  • …And a surprise announcement for Catherine: Full Body!


  • Limit 2 drinks per person
  • Must be 21 or over to consume alcohol


Catherine: Full Body is the all-new expanded version of the action-adventure puzzle platformer, Catherine. Navigate your way through a life-or-death “love square” involving four very different characters.

A game experience unlike any other, you will make difficult decisions about issues adults struggle with, from relationships and commitment to temptation, betrayal, and accountability. Along the way, you’ll also have your mind and reflexes put to the test as you climb through treacherous 3D puzzles with nightmarish consequences.

Will you survive the trials and tribulations of love or fall to temptations?

Unfortunately, the the after party is already fully booked as of today. In line with this, Atlus USA announced that standby lines will be available for those who still want to be a part of the event.

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