Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - All New Features Shown in Tour with the Handler

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's Tour with the Handler gives hunters a preview of new and returning features in the upcoming expansion.

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

A Tour with the Handler

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is due for release on September 6 , 2019, adding an array of new content to the original game. Perhaps to make the wait less agonizing, Capcom released a preview called A Tour with the Handler. Narrated by the spunky handler herself, the video highlights the game’s key features.

Source: Official Monster Hunter YouTube
This article will discuss only new content shown in the video, excluding those already in the base game.

Seliana Headquarters

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

The Commission’s new headquarters in Hoarfrost Reach is called Seliana. Similar to the Astera base, Seliana will have all the necessary facilities and personnel to prepare hunters for quests. These include the council table, resource center, workshop, and canteen.

Seliana Headquarters Features


MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

Cortos are winged drakes that inhabit the icy region. They seem to be the equivalent of Mernos and Noios found in the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Wastes respectively.

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

The Popos of earlier titles in the series also dwell in Hoarfrost Reach. They make up the herbivore population of the region and can be hunted for raw meat.

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

Stone Bills are likely the region’s scavenger birds. It is unknown if they can be hunted for materials.

Hot Drinks

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

Hot drinks will return from past games. The harsh cold of the Hoarfrost Reach causes hunters to lose stamina at double the rate when sprinting or dodging. Chugging down a hot drink temporarily negates these effects. Hot drinks can be crafted using hot peppers growing near the camp.

Hot Springs

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

Another way to fight the cold is to take a dip in a hot spring. These can be found in various areas of the snowy map and grant the hunter the same effect as hot drinks. The hot spring is also said to have “healing properties” during the E3 2019 demo. It presumably restores the hunter’s health or cures ailments like Iceblight.

Strange monkey-like creatures called Pearlspring Macaques are known to frequent these spots. It has not been revealed what interactions the player will have with them. New wyverns like the Banbaro have been seen to drink from hot springs as well.

Rime Beetles

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

Rime Beetles are small insects that are fond of making snowballs in the snow. They are found all around the map and will drop slinger ammo when kicked.

Raider Ride

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

The Raider Ride lets hunters travel on small monsters to find their target wyverns faster during quests. The mount automatically follows scoutflies to pick-up a monster’s tracks. While riding, hunters can sharpen their weapons, use items, or pick-up materials found along the way.

The handler also mentions that hunters can “go for a nice stroll” on the Raider Ride if they want. It has, however, been clarified in the E3 2019 demo that the mount’s direction cannot be controlled by the hunter.

Raider Ride Features

Vigorwasp Revival

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

While not discussed in detail by the handler, Vigorwasp Revival was included in the video. The feature is likely a new action that the hunter’s Palico companion can do to revive its downed master. This will provide a safety net if hunters unexpectedly faint while fighting a wyvern.

Clutch Claw

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

A new slinger mechanism called the Clutch Claw will be added in the expansion. The tool works like a grappling hook and allows the hunter to latch onto a monster. While mounted, the player can perform special attacks to wound various parts of the monster. These damaged sections cause the beast to take more damage when hit.

The Clutch Claw can be aimed by holding the L2 button. Pressing circle fires the claw at the target.

New Slinger and Mounted Actions

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

New slinger actions will also be introduced. Hunters will now be able to use the slinger with a weapon drawn.

Attacking a monster’s head with the Clutch Claw while latched on causes it to change its direction. Hunters can also perform a Flinch Shot that shoots all of their slinger ammo at the monster’s face. This causes the beast to come flying forward. The monster will fall down if it hits a wall, leaving it helpless to the hunter’s attacks.

MHW Iceborne Tour with the Handler

A new attack called Slinger Burst can be done by pressing L2. The move fires a hard shot at the target and can only be performed after certain attacks.

Clutch Claw Features and New Mounted Attacks

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