Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Blue Lions House Introduction Video Continued on Faction Background and Character Spotlights

Nintendo's Fire Emblem: Three Houses introduction video for the Blue Lions House focused on the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus' background, the students, and possible character classes.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Blue Lions House Students

Blue Lions House Introduction Video Continued Its Feature on Faction Backgrounds, Characters Spotlights, and Possible Character Classes

Nintendo released their second Fire Emblem: Three Houses student faction introduction video this week. This time, the introduction video featured the Blue Lions House as narrated by their prince and house leader, Dimitri.

Short Background about the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus

The introduction video started with a short background of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Blue Lions House Flags

It was highlighted that the citizens and students of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus value strength and chivalry. Also, it was mentioned that the holy kingdom was built on the foundations of their founder, the “King of Lions,” and his love for the color blue.

More Information About Blue Lions House

Character Spotlights

Next, the introduction video featured the students belonging to the Blue Lions house. However, not all characters were given a spotlight, like Felix, Ashe, Mercedes, and Annette. Each spotlight featured each character’s likes and dislikes. Learning about these will help Byleth respond to the Advice Box correctly.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Blue Lions House Dimitri

The character spotlight started with the Blue Lions house leader, Dimitri Alexandre Bladud. Nothing new was mentioned about him although he emphasized that he was no stranger to misfortunes. This is maybe a hidden subplot to be revealed about him later.

More Information About Dimitri

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Blue Lions House Dedue

Dedue Molinaro was the next student described. He’s a close servant to Dimitri and known for his inherent kindness.

More Information About Dedue

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Blue Lions House Sylvain

A childhood friend of Dimitri, Sylvain Jose Gautier is regarded by his fellow friends as a “skirt chaser.” However, Dimitri added that there is still much more to him than what he projects.

More Information About Sylvain

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Blue Lions House Ingrid

Ingrid Brandol Galatea is another childhood friend of Dimitri. Unlike Sylvain, Ingrid is described as a principled, industrious, and “knightly” individual.

More Information About Ingrid

Possible Character Classes for Blue Lions Students

We also listed down possible character classes used as highlighted in the introduction video.

Name of Student Possible Classes Used 

Stay tuned to Samurai Gamers’ Fire Emblem: Three Houses guide page for more news and information!

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