News SG - Square Enix Announced Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles at E3 2019

Final Fantasy Chronicles Remastered Edition will be released winter 2019. This version offers online multiplayer.

News SG - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Square Enix announced ports of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The game first appeared on the Nintendo Gamecube in Japan in 2003. A spin-off from the main series, players take control of an adventurer who must harness the power of crystals to protect the world from being consumed by miasma. Players have the option to choose one of four races, each having their own specializations in both stats and abilities. When starting a game, players can choose between single player and multiplayer. In single player, players embark on a journey to protect the moogle-held vessel from fiends in a dungeon crawler fashion. In multiplayer mode, players can team up with three more players to combine their attacks to unleash massive damage.

Previously, players only had access to local co-op through the Gameboy advance compatibility the Gamecube possed. With the remastered edition, players can now enjoy playing with friends through online multiplayer.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is set to be released winter 2019 on the Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices through the Apple store and the Google Play Store.

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