Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Faction Background and Character Spotlights Showcased in Black Eagles House Introduction Video

Nintendo's Black Eagles House introduction video focused on the Adrestian Empires' background, character spotlights, and possible character classes.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Black Eagles House Students

Faction Background, Characters Spotlights, and Possible Character Classes Showcased by Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Black Eagles House Introduction Video

Nintendo released their 1st Fire Emblem: Three Houses introduction video last week focusing on the Black Eagles student faction. The video is narrated by Edelgard which focused on selected Black Eagles students as well as a short background about The Adrestian Empire.

Short Background about The Adrestian Empire

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Black Eagles House Coat of Arms

According to Edelgard, The Adrestian Empire is located in the southern region of Foldan. In addition, its citizens and students are predominantly of noble ranks or magic users.

More Information about the Black Eagles House

Character Spotlights

The introduction video resumed on the character spotlights of Black Eagles House students, including their likes and dislikes. This information is essential for players since it gives them a clue in responding to their personal notes in the Advice Box. Unfortunately, Dorothea, Ferdinand, Bernadetta, and Caspar were not included character spotlights.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Black Eagles House Edelgard
Edelgard von Hraesvelgr was the first character to be showcased in the character spotlight. According to the video, she values both leadership and tutelage from academy’s professors.

More Information About Edelgard

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Black Eagles House Hubert

Hubert von Bestia was described as a cold-blooded but loyal individual. He is also known as the voice of reason to Edelgard.

More Information About Hubert

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Black Eagles House Petra

The third character spotlight focused on Petra McNealy. Petra is a princess of a vassal state of the empire and is known for being smart and studious.

More Information About Petra

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Black Eagles House Linhardt

Linhardt von Hevring is the last Black Eagles student to be featured. Despite his aptitude in napping, he has a deep knowledge about the Crests.

More Information About Linhardt

Possible Character Classes for Black Eagle Students

Finally, we listed down possible character classes based on the introduction video.

Name of Student Possible Classes

Stay tuned to Samurai Gamers’ Fire Emblem: Three Houses guide page for more news and information!

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