“New PS4 Neo(tentative title)” appearance!! Is there no the VR deployment?

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▶Origin of source (NeoGAF)

Sony confirms existence of Play Station 4(Neo).

PS4(Neo) is not shown in E3, and a releace day and the price are undecided, too.
But it becomes more expensive than current PS4 and says to a thing turned to high-end core gamers that it is.

  • PS4(Neo) supports 4K and becomes higher-performance than current PS4.
  • It is parallel and will release current PS4 and PS4(Neo) in future.
  • PS4 is compatible with PS4(Neo), and the software which can be idle only in either is not going to release it.

→You can confirm the whole sentence in a source page.

Existence of “new Play Station 4(PS4Neo)” is spoken by the article by the president of Sony.
The possibility without correspondence to VR to be worried about is thought about without only correspondence to 4K TV being made clear as a function.

But does the title for exclusive use of PS4Neo feel temporarily relieved other than a core user because it does not seem to be going to release it?

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