TOP of Popular Pokémon decided “Pokémon general election” of result

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Among all 720 kinds of Pokemon which appeared for the national game work “Pocket Monster” series, a result of vote “Pokemon general election 720” to select a top of popular Pokemon as was announced.

Pokemon of extreme popularity chosen as the high rank are this.

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  • sixth : Genesect
  • fifth : Sylveon
  • forth : Pikachu
    • poke02 (1)

    Popular Pikachu by an animated cartoon is ranked the fourth!
    It is this fellow I hold these much Pokemon in check, and to have won the top!

    • poke01

    Greninja is Ninja Pokemon which came up for the first time in “Pocket Monster X/Y”.

    Greninja which shined in the first place is distributed to Nintendo 3DS software “Pocket Monster X Y” “Pocket Monster omega ruby alpha sapphire” by the latest animated Pokémon movie.

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