How to evolve your Pokemon [Pokemon Sun and Moon]


This article will discuss the requirements for evolving Pokemon such as leveling, using evolution stones, specific time conditions and more.

This list will be updated regularly as new information is obtained.

Evolving through leveling up

Name Requirement
Dartrix Rowlet Lv17
Decidueye Dartrix Lv34
Torracat Litten Lv17
Incineroar Torracat Lv34
Brionne Popplio Lv17
Primarina Brionne Lv34
Trumbeak Pikipek Lv14
Toucannon Trumbeak Lv28
Charjabug Grubbin Lv20
Ribombee Cutiefly Lv25
Mareanie Toxapex  Lv33
Mudsdale Mudbray Lv30
Dewpider Araquanid Lv22
Shiinotic Morelull Lv24
Bewear Stufful Lv27
Steenee Bounsweet Lv18
Palossand Sandygast Lv42
Golisopod Wimpod Lv30
Hakamo-o Jangmo-o Lv35
Kommo-o Hakamo-o Lv45
Salazzle Salandit(♀) Lv33
Metapod Caterpie Lv7
Butterfree Metapod Lv10
Ledian Ledyba Lv10
Ariados Spinarak Lv22
Slowbro Slowpoke Lv37
Pelipper Wingull Lv25
Kadabra Abra Lv16
Hypno Drowzee Lv26
Hariyama Makuhita Lv24
Magneton Magnemite Lv30
Haunter Gastly Lv25
Drifblim Drifloon Lv28
Golbat Zubat Lv22
Fearow Spearow Lv20
Braviary Rufflet Lv54
Mandibuzz Vullaby Lv54
Primeape Mankey Lv28
Golduck Psyduck Lv33
Gyarados Magikarp Lv20
Whiscash Barboach Lv30
Machoke Machop Lv28
Boldore Roggenrola Lv25
Tentacruel Tentacool Lv30
Lumineon Finneon Lv31
Shelgon Bagon Lv30
Salamence Shelgon Lv50
Herdier Lillipup Lv16
Stoutland Herdier Lv32
Masquerain Surskit Lv22
Parasect Paras Lv24
Poliwhirl Poliwag Lv25
Fletchinder Fletchling Lv17
Talonflame Fletchinder Lv35
Mallow Goldeen Lv33
Magmar Magby Lv30
Sliggoo Goomy Lv40
Rampardos Cranidos Lv30
Bastiodon Shieldon Lv30
Archeops Archen Lv37
Carracosta Tirtouga Lv37
Lanturn Chinchou Lv27
Metang Beldum Lv20
Metagross Metang Lv45
Krokorok Sandile Lv29
Krookodile Krokorok Lv40
Vibrava Trapinch Lv35
Flygon Vibrava Lv45
Gabite Gible Lv24
Garchomp Gabite Lv48
Glalie Snorunt Lv42
Electabuzz Elekid Lv30
Garbodor Trubbish Lv36
Vanillish Vanillite Lv35
Vanilluxe Vanillish Lv47
Granbull Snubbull Lv23
Gastrodon Shellos Lv30
Sharpedo Carvanha Lv30
Wailord Wailmer Lv40
Dragonair Dratini Lv30
Dragonite Dragonair Lv55
Muk (Alola) Grimer(Alola)Lv38
Dugtrio (Alola) Diglett(Alola)Lv26
Graveler (Alola) Geodude(Alola)Lv25
Pangoro Pancham Lv32(the player must have a Dark-type Pokemon in the party)

Evolving through trading

Name Requirement
Slowking Trading a Slowpoke holding King’s Rock
Alakazam Trading a Kadabra
Gengar Trading a Haunter
Machamp Trading a Machoke
Gigalith Trading a Boldore
Politoed Trading a Poliwhirl holding King’s Rock
Milotic Trading a Feebas holding  Prism Scale
Magmortar Magmar holding Magmarizer
Trevenant Trading a Phantum
Porygon2 Trading a Porygon holding Up-grade
Porygon-Z Trading a Porygon2 holding Dubious Disc
Electivire Trading a Electabuzz Electrizer
Golem (Alolaform) Trading a Graveler(Alola)
Scizor Trading a Scyther holding Metal Coat

Evolving using evolution stones

Name Requirement
Arcanine Use a  Fire Stone on Growlithe
Mismagius Use a  Dusk Stone on Misdreavus
Lilligant Use a Sun Stone on Petilil
Whimsicott Use a Sun Stone on Cottonee
Cloyster Use a Water Stone on Shellder
Vaporeon Use a Water Stone on Eevee
Jolteon Use a Thunder Stone on Eevee
Flareon Use a Fire Stone on Eevee
Wigglytuff Use a Moon Stone on Jigglypuff
Poliwrath Use a Water Stone on Poliwhirl
Starmie Use a Water Stone on Staryu
Clefable Use a Moon Stone on Clefairy
Froslass Use a Dawn Stone on Snorun(♀)
Sandslash (Alola) Use a Frozen Stone on Sandshrew(Alola)
Ninetales (Alola) Use a Frozen Stone on Vulpix(Alola)
Exeggutor (Alola) Use a Leaf Stone on Exeggcute
Honchkrow Use a Dusk Stone on Murkrow

Evolution at a specific time

Name Requirement
Lycanroc (Midday Form) Rockruff Lv25 between the morning and evening (Pokemon Sun)
Lycanroc (Midnight Form) Rockruff Lv25 during midnight (Pokemon Moon)
Chansey Happiny must level up while holding an Oval Stone during the daytime
Espeon Eevee must have a high friendship when leveling up in the morning
Umbreon Eevee must have a high friendship when leveling up in the evening
Lurantis Fomantis must level up to Lv34 or higher during the day
Lucario Riolu must have a high friendship when leveling up during the day
Gumshoos Yungoos must level up to Lv20 or highter in the morning
Marowak (AlolaForm) Cubone must level up to Lv28 or higher at midnight
Weavile Sneasel must level up while holding a Razor Claw at night
Raticate (AlolaForm) Rattata(Alola)must level up to Lv20 or higher at midnight

Evolving at a certain location

Name Requirement
Magnezone Magneton must level up at Poni Island’s Great Canyon
Crabominable Crabrawler must level up at Lana Kila Mountain
Leafeon Evee must level up at Lush Jungle’s Mossed Rock
Glaceon Evee must level up at Lana Kila Mountain’s Ice Rock
Goodra Sliggoo must level up to Lv50 or higher in the rain
Vikavolt Charjabug must level up to Lv20 or higher at Poni Island’s Great Canyon

Evolving through high friendship

Name Requirement
Blissey Chansey must level up with a high friendship
Snorlax Munchlax must level up with a high friendship
Persian (Alola) Meowth(Alola) must level up with a high friendship
Crobat Golbat must level up with a high friendship
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff must level up with a high friendship
Clefairy Cleffa must level up with a high friendship
Pikachu Pichu must level up with a high friendship

Evolving by learning a move

Name Requirement
Sylveon Once Eevee reaches a high Pokemon Refresh, it will learn a Fairy-type move. An Eevee that can use a Fairy-type move will evolve into Sylveon by leveling up.
Sudowoodo Bonsly will learn Mimic by leveling up. A Bonsly that can use Mimic will evolve into Sudowoodo by leveling up.
Tsareena A Steenee that can use Stomp will evolve into Tsareena by levelling up.


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Thnxs for the help I’m struggling to evolve my meowth please help me with any tips and/or tricks for it

Just Gold

Simply go fly to the Battle Tree on Poni Island during the night. Instead of actually going into the Battle Tree head a way from it and mess around in the closest patch of grass. During the night you’ll have a better chance of finding Raticate if you simply just want to catch one. I suggest having a Pokemon with a level higher than at least 65, the battles aren’t gonna be easy. Make sure you have Meowth in your party. Hope this helps