How to Get all the Technical Machines (TM) [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

The new set of Technical Machines that were released for this Generation For your perusal

This section shows the detailed information regarding the Technical Machines (TM) appearing in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Descriptions concerning the Number, Name, Type, Classification, Power, and Accuracy of the Technical Machines (TM) are enumerated.

※ Hidden Machines (HM) are not present in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Learning with Technical Machine (TM) Move list

No Name Type Classification Power Acc Location
1 Work Up Normal Status Trainers’ School:Receive from Rising Star after defeating 4 Trainers.
2 Dragon Claw Dragon Physical 80 100 Great Canyon of Poni Island: After making it through the first field and the cave
3 Psyshock Psychic Special 80 100 [Sun] Lake of the Sunne [Moon] Lake of the Moone: The upper right of the temple / hall
4 Calm Mind Psychic Status Seafolk Village:Poké Mart
5 Roar Normal Status Karlie Bay: sandy beach at the bottom, center of the field
6 Toxic Poison Status 90 Aether Paradise (2nd time): Basement Docking Station Ground Docking station · Bottom left
7 Hail Ice Status Royal avenue:Poké Mart
8 Bulk Up Fighting Status Konikoni City:Poké Mart
9 Venoshock Poison Special 65 100 Konikoni City:Poké Mart
10 Hidden Power Normal Special 60 100 Ohana Ranch: The woman at the left of Pokémon Breeder
11 Sunny Day Fire Status Royal avenue:Poké Mart
12 Taunt Dark Status 100 Route 13: Gift from a Team Skull member in caravan
13 Ice Beam Ice Special 90 100 Lanakina Mountain
14 Blizzard Ice Special 110 70 Seafolk Village:Poké Mart
15 Hyper Beam Normal Special 150 90 Seafolk Village:Poké Mart
16 Light Screen Psychic Status Kantai City:Poké Mart
17 Protect Normal Status Kantai City:Poké Mart
18 Rain Dance Water Status Royal avenue:Poké Mart
19 Roost Flying Status Marie City:Poké Mart
20 Safeguard Normal Status Kantai City:Poké Mart
No Name Type Classification Power Acc Location
21 Frustration Normal Physical 100 Marie City: Oranguru, Malasada Shop (night)
22 Solar Beam Grass Special 120 100 Seafolk Village:Poké Mart
23 Smack Down Rock Physical 50 100 Marie City:Poké Mart
24 Thunderbolt Electric Special 90 100 Poni Island Great Canyon: After clearing the Great Canyon of Poni Island, go ahead with push · Ride Pager: Machamp
25 Thunder Electric Special 110 70 Seafolk Village:Poké Mart
26 Earthquake Ground Physical 100 100 Resolution Cave: Use Tauros Charge to break the rocks. Resolution Cave can be reached from the north of Ancient Poni Path after defeating the Champion.
27 Return Normal Physical 100 Marie City: Policeman who appears after receiving Technical Machine (TM) 21 at Oranguru of Malasada Shop at night
28 Leech Life Bug Physical 20 100 Akala Island Edge: right center of the map along the coast
29 Psychic Psychic Special 90 100 Aether Paradise (1st time): after defeating the Ultra Beast
30 Gyro Ball Ghost Special 80 100 Route 14: Island on the Water · Required Ride Pager: Lapras
31 Brick Break Fighting Physical 75 100 Verdant Cavern: Trial Chamber · Left aisle
32 Double Team Normal Status Konikoni City:Poké Mart
33 Reflect Psychic Status Kantai City:Poké Mart
34 Sludge Wave Poison Special 95 100 Seafolk Village:Poké Mart
35 Flamethrower Fire Special 90 100 Great Canyon of Poni Island: In a cave with a lake · Center left
36 Sludge Bomb Poison Special 90 100 Shady House: 2nd floor · upper left room
37 Sandstorm Rock Status Royal avenue:Poké Mart
38 Fire Blast Fire Special 110 85 Seafolk Village:Poké Mart
39 Rock Tomb Rock Physical 60 95 Vera volcano Park: The destination which got off the bump and passed through the tunnel. Passage with two trainers.
40 Aerial Ace Flying Physical 60 Sure Hit Marie City:Poké Mart
No Name Type Classification Power Acc Location
41 Torment Dark Status 100 Route 5: tip of the patch of grass heading from the entrance to the left
42 Facade Normal Physical 70 100 Malie City:Poké Mart
43 Flame Charge Fire Physical 50 100 Route 8: Aether Base (Scientist Colress)
44 Rest Psychic Status Royal avenue: Passing 1000 pokédollars to Hypno in Thrifty Megamart
45 Attract Normal Status 100 Hano Grand Resort: Helping Machamp in hotel lobby (Battle)
46 Thief Dark Physical 60 100 Verdant Cavern: Totem Chamber · Needed Poké Ride: Tauros
47 Low Sweep Fighting Physical 65 100 Konikoni City:Poké Mart
48 Round Normal Special 60 100 Talk to the man at Hau’oli City: shopping mall to help pick up garbage at night
49 Echoed Voice Normal Special 40 100 Hau’oli City: Grace full of Grass in front of the alternate Route road Inside Ground
50 Overheat Fire Special 130 90 Poni Island: After Hall of Fame, Poni Island’s flower garden map on the east cliff
51 Steel Wing Steel Physical 70 90 Malie City:Poké Mart
52 Focus Blast Fighting Special 120 70 Sea Village:Poké Mart
53 Energy Ball Grass Special 90 100 Route 8 (from Shade Jungle): Push the Rock in the deepest part of Shade Jungle and and go with the flow · Required Poké Ride: Machamp
54 False Swipe Normal Physical 40 100 Hau’oli City: Professor Kukui after defeating Island Kahuna Hala
55 Scald Water Special 80 100 Brooklet Hill: Third MAP, ahead of the passage on the right that can be accessed with swim · Poké Ride: Lapras
56 Fling Dark Physical 100 Hau’Oli Cemetery: After battling Island Kahuna Hala, talk to the woman riding a Machomp at night
57 Charge Beam Electric Special 50 90 Route 5: Passage from the entrance to the right, on the step above the patch of grass
58 Sky Drop Flying Physical 60 100 Route 8: After defeating all the trainers in Route 8, challenge the All-Out Trainer at the bus stop near the entrance of Route 7.
59 Farfetch’d Dark Physical 100 60 Route 5: Dead end in the middle of the MAP
60 Quash Dark Status 100 Poni Island Plain: After making it to the Hall of Fame, defeat all trainers in the area
No Name Type Classification Power Acc Location
61 Will-O-Wisp Fire Status 85 Konikoni City: near the lighthouse above the map
62 Acrobatics Flying Physical 55 100 Ten Carat Hill: The second map, the end of the passage that passed the patch of grass on the right side of the map
63 Embargo Dark Status 100 Hoteli Mountain: Researcher at the power station during the day
64 Explosion Normal Physical 250 100 Ten Carat Hill (from Melemele Sea): Use jet to destroy the rocks on Melemele Sea, and inside the cave ahead – Ride Pager: Lapras, Sharpedo
65 Shadow Claw Ghost Physical 70 100 Konikoni City:Poké Mart
66 Payback Dark Physical 50 100 Marie City:Poké Mart
67 Smart horn Steel Physical 70 ? Shade Jungle: Talk to Professor Kukui after completing Mallow’s Trial.
68 Giga Impact Normal Physical 150 90 Sea Village:Poké Mart
69 Rock Polish Rock Status Marie City:Poké Mart
70 Aurora veil Ice Status Kantai City:Poké Mart
71 Stone Edge Rock Physical 100 80 Sea Village:Poké Mart
72 Volt Switch Electric Special 70 100 Hokurani Mountains: After arriving by bus, around the grass near the second curve
73 Thunder Wave Electric Status 100 Route 7: Island reached by using swim · Required Ride Pager: Lapras
74 Gyro Ball Steel Physical 100 Route 11: Go up the road divided into two from Marie City, in the middle bush
75 Swords Dance Normal Status Marie City:Poké Mart
76 Fly Flying Physical 90 95 Marie City: talk to the girl at Marie Library
77 Psych Up Normal Status Route 12: After defeating all the trainers at Route 12, you must defeat Route 12 King that can be found by entering Route 12 from Route 11 side.
78 Bulldoze Ground Physical 60 100 Marie City:Poké Mart
79 Frost Breath Ice Special 60 90 The old road of Poni Island: the end of the patch of grass on the lower side of the map
80 Rock Slide Rock Physical 75 90 Melemele Sea: Use Swim to get through the water, and use Jet to destroy the rocks to reach the small island. Ride Pager: Lapras, Sharpedo
No Name Type Classification Power Acc Location
81 X-Scissor Bug Physical 80 100 Route 16: Outside of Aether Base. Proceed through the area without grass
82 Dragon Tail Dragon Physical 60 90 Konikoni City:Poké Mart
83 Infestation Bug Special 20 100 Route 3: Smash the Rock in the vicinity where there is a guy who will give you the Soothe Bell · Required Poké Ride: Tauros
84 Poison Jab Poison Physical 80 100 Route 17: From Ula Ula Meadow go up the road and make a right into the soil area. Can be found in the grass at the area
85 Dream Eater Psychic Special 100 100 Haina Desert: After entering the desert, go up, right, up ,right, left, down.
86 Grass Knot Grass Special 100 Shade Jungle: From Route 5 entrance to the north after passing the patch of grass


87 Swagger Normal Status 90 Route 2: Talk to Guzma’s mother after making it to the Hall of Fame. She can be found inside Guzma’s house.
88 Sleep Talk Normal Status Paniola Town (From Route 6): Behind the house along Route 6
89 U-turn Bug Physical 70 100 Malie City:Poké Mart
90 Substitute Normal Status Melemele Island: After making it to the Hall of Fame, speak to a Professor in the laboratory
91 Flash Cannon Steel Special 80 100 Sea Village: In the Steelix shaped building
92 Trick Room Psychic Status Hano Grand Resort: Talk to Kahili in the hotel after becoming a champion
93 Wild Charge Electric Physical 90 100 Route 15: across the water and head towards the central island · Required Poké Ride: Lapras, Sharpedo (When going from Tapu Village)
94 Surf Water Special 90 100 Araiso of Poni Island: After making it to the hall of fame, defeat the trainers located south east.
95 Snarl Dark Special 55 95 Mount Hokulani: After defeating three trainers at Mount Hokulani, defeat the Veteran Trainer standing at the end of the road.
96 Nature Power Normal Status Route 5: After defeating all the trainers in Route 5, talk to the guy near Paniola Ranch entrance.
97 Dark Pulse Dark Special 80 100 Poni Island Coast: After making it to the Hall of Fame, jump down the ledge
98 Waterfall Water Physical 80 100 Araiso of Poni Island: After making it to the hall of fame, defeat the trainers located south east.
99 Dazzling Gleam Fairy Special 80 100 Poni Island’s Great Canyon: deepest part, inside a hidden room
100 Confide Normal Status Hau’Oli Cemetery: right end of the map, pass beyond the patch of grass

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